PS3 players looking for a squad mate? Soul mate?

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I can't help with the latter; I'm taken (sorry reproductively-healthy people)!

So I didn't get a PS4 because I'm broke, and I didn't buy Battlefield 4 because it is broken. I'm hoping there are some people in that same boat but still want to play Battlefield 3 on PlayStation 3. I fell of the wagon a long time ago but I'm trying to get back into it. If anyone wants to start a casual clan or simply play a few rounds every now and then, let me know.

That game is surprisingly active but I find myself playing Operation Metro with maximum tickets because people seem to cooperate in those games. I would love to see the rest of the game modes again.

Fair warning: I don't have all of the DLC (only Back to Karkand).

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was thinking of playing some BF3 just the other day and it so happens i have access to that on PS3 because of PS+. Feel free to add me on PSN and maybe we can play together (play BF3 i mean.) I am also happily married to my wife of several years and we have our 3 children. ;)

PSN: OldManLight

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I have access to BF3 through PS+ as well and I have been thinking of playing some BF3 again. PSN: SeanCoughing

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Most excellent!

PSN ID: GooieGreen

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Hey ive been trying to find something like this all day bro PSN ID: GuillermoTheGamer

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@gstag: I enjoyed your yammering. I'd watch your livestream of Battlefield 4.

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