Rate yourself at different elements of the game. 1-10

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Scale is 1-10 on classes

  • 1- Horrible, the worst of the worst, you are more of a danger to yourself than to the other team
  • 2- Again really bad, but you can atleast look up and down while moving at the same time (most of the time)
  • 3- Bad, but you try, just don't really succeed much
  • 4- Getting better but still not there
  • 5- Meh, you are able to but you are not particularly good at it
  • 6- You're alright, you need some practice though
  • 7- Not bad you know this pretty well and you are getting effective
  • 8- Good, you know the class, Vehicle, or strategy at hand, you are confident
  • 9- Very good, you are effective at your role, you play to its strengths
  • 10- You are proficient, you know the ins and outs, there are few on the battlefield who can match you in this element


  1. Assault
  2. Support
  3. Engineer
  4. Recon
  5. Tanks/IFVs
  6. Helicopters
  7. Jets
  8. Teamwork

Things to consider

This is not just about Kill Death ratio, that is a large part but it is also about using your class correctly. Are you handing out ammo and setting traps as support? Are you healing and reviving in the right situations? Are you putting down spawn beacons for your team mates? Are you using vehicles to break through choke points to help your team move forward while keeping yourself alive and the vehicle out of enemy hands?

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I will go first

  1. Assault 10
  2. Support 9
  3. Engineer 10
  4. Recon 7
  5. Tanks/IFVs 10
  6. Helicopters 10
  7. Jets 4
  8. Teamwork 7

I am a good player with a high K/D and W/L, though sometimes I worry about my stats a bit too much to get into the thick of things when it is really hairy so my team work is good but not great because of that. I am a good on foot with most classes, and give me my Scar-L, Scar-H, M-16, or any of my other most used weapons, and I will wreck house. Sniping is not my strong point but I am capable of it if necessary, I play to the strengths of my class. Now Tanks and helicopters, these are where I really shine there are few who can match me in these elements of the game, Jets though, now those are a different story.

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  1. Assault 9
  2. Support 7
  3. Engineer 4
  4. Recon 5
  5. Tanks/IFVs 6
  6. Helicopters 7
  7. Jets 7
  8. Teamwork 1

I'm average in pretty much everything except running and gunning.

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#4 Posted by mosdl (3422 posts) -

Team kills: 10

Flying: 0

Sniping: -2

Getting killed by the tank I am trying to C4: 8

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where is the "hide in a bush" category

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@mosdl said:

Team kills: 10

Flying: 0

Sniping: -2

Getting killed by the tank I am trying to C4: 8


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#7 Posted by Imsorrymsjackson (866 posts) -

Posting in threads created to massage someones FPS ego - 10

Chance of angry rebuttal - 10

Ability to appear both clever and sarcastic on Giantbomb forum - 3

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#8 Posted by Extreme_Popcorn (846 posts) -

All 10's, I am literally the greatest Battlefield player in the history of the world. I'm the space Pele of Battlefield.

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#9 Posted by psylah (2292 posts) -
  1. Assault - 0 (I throw health, but I rez people just for the points, even if they die right after)
  2. Support - 4 (I throw ammo, never do much else)
  3. Engineer - 0 (Engie was so much better in Bad Company 2)
  4. Recon - 10 (Your skull is mine.)
  5. Tanks/IFVs - 0 (Never drive these, the responsibility of using it when it could turn the tide of battle is too much)
  6. Helicopters - 0 (Fuck that)
  7. Jets - 0 (Fuck that x2)
  8. Teamwork - 0 (I play recon.)
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#10 Posted by GearDraxon (148 posts) -

1. Running after enemy across map to get knife kill: 10

2. Dying at last moment of above when someone spots me: 9

3. Inappropriate horn honking: 11

4. Jets: 0.0 (please, someone, help me)

5. Speed at which I leave a server when the rotation goes to DM / TDM / Let's be honest, anything but CQ: 10

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@johnLongview said:

1. Running after enemy across map to get knife kill: 10

For me:

1. Running after an enemy across the map to get a knife kill while he guns down many of my teammates: 11

I hate myself, but I promise to never do it again.

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#12 Posted by 49th (3552 posts) -
  1. Assault 8
  2. Support 9
  3. Engineer 8
  4. Recon 6
  5. Tanks/IFVs 8
  6. Helicopters 4
  7. Jets 2
  8. Teamwork 7
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Perception and Awareness: Hardcoded Big Fat Zer0... nothing else really matters when put into context of this circumstance.

Nonetheless - I'd say I'm between 7-9 in most categories depending on form (and if I'm questing or not, because that shit can fuck me up)...

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I am at my best when I'm down in the ground in the thick of the action, on foot or in a tank. I'm extremely handy with C4, rockets, and shotguns. I flank effectively and PTFO, calling out positions and devising strategies on the fly to help my team out.

Somewhere along the way I got really good at tanks. I'm not sure how that happened. I win most tank fights and shoot choppers out of the air on a regular basis.

Flying jets? Jesus fucking Christ I am horrible at it. I don't get in them often but when I do it's a joke. I end up crashing most of the time trying to not get shot down. Sometimes I'll get lucky and disable a helicopter or jet but that's about it. I'm pretty useless up there but I least try when I need to. I'm a lot better at helicopters but still only okay. I can at least kill people and am a competent pilot.

I almost never use the Recon class aside from when an enemy is backed up and not coming forward. I do a good job at avoiding get sniped instantly in a sniper battle but it usually takes me quite a few shows to hit my target. Staying put is not in my play style so I stay away from it, although the M417 has caused me to use the class more than I used to.

  1. Assault - 9
  2. Support - 10
  3. Engineer - 10
  4. Recon - 5
  5. Tanks/IFVs - 10
  6. Helicopters - 6
  7. Jets - 3
  8. Teamwork - 10
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@Mahonay: I have been using the Recon with a P90, laser sight, and silencer as of late, it works great, and when you are setting up sensors, and spawn beacons to help your team it can be absolutely vital.

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For me, I'd say:

  1. Assault - 9 - I pay attention to the people around me to see who needs healing, and I'll never revive someone in an area that I know is unsafe. Getting revived and instantly killed is extremely annoying and makes the respawn time even longer.
  2. Support - 7 - I guess? I'm good at handing out ammo but not so great with LMGs unless I find a good spot to set them up with a bipod and just wrack up Suppression points.
  3. Engineer - 10 - This is my preferred class. I've destroyed plenty of vehicles with rocket launchers, so I'm pretty good at figuring out strategies to use when taking them out. I always try to get to vehicles that need repairing.
  4. Recon - 3 - This is my least favorite class. I don't like sniping in this game and I'd rather have a rocket launcher or a defibrillator instead of a radio spawn beacon or a MAV.
  5. Tanks/IFVs - 8 - I'm good at controlling tanks and taking out enemies, though sometimes I have a habit of driving headfirst into dangerous situations and dying pretty quickly. Regardless, I like backing up teammates who are taking flags, because having a friendly tank in the vicinity is always a good morale booster.
  6. Helicopters - 6 - I have a lot of trouble taking out ground targets using the main rockets and I always seem to get shot down quickly, even when using IR flares.
  7. Jets - 10 - The jets were the first thing in the game that I got all of the upgrades for. I'm good at taking out other jets and helicopters (without ramming and spawn camping) and I can easily dodge enemies.
  8. Teamwork - 9 - Besides the occasional unfortunate revive and other unintentional mishaps, I'd say I'm a pretty good team player.

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