So I found a gnome...

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On the peaks of Alborz Mountains, I guess he's the Travelocity gnome, or the gnome from Half Life 2 Episode 2/Left 4 Dead 2, really they're both references to the gnome in Amelie. Anyway he's an easteregg worth pointing out.

Edit: Also he's destructible, sorry gnome.

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Well theres a landmark right there.

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Ha! I hope this little guy keeps showing up in different games. Maybe he'll be the new Dopefish.

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What is it with video games and gnomes?

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More evidence of the awesomeness of Alborz Mountains.

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Is there a page for randow gnome Easter egg?

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Not even I found that bugger..

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Gnome Chompski has gotten me killed more time than I care to count. The little shit deserves to be stranded there.

Fun Fact: When playing 'The Last Gnome on Earth' mutation, give the gnome to to your most gullible team mate, and then give the Witch a punch.

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