Stationary Emplacement Ribbon?

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Ok so I have this game I'm playing with myself where I'm trying to get 100 kills with every weapon and also get every Ribbon and Medal. I already have 7 Stationary Emplacement Ribbon's but I need 23 more for the Medal. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good map, or good game type, or just any tips on getting those kills? I've tried using the Pansir and CRam, but it just seems so hard to even kill jets / heli's with those things. Most people stay far away from the bases so its super rare to even get the opportunity to try and shoot at anything, and I also seem to overheat before I can actually kill anyone with it and they have time to fly away.

Is there perhaps a good map and location of the Tow missle? I was thinking maybe Karkand on the bridge between E and G... And does anyone else have my strange obsession? I'm up to 36/50 Medals, ALL Ribbons and I have over 100 kills with 68 weapons so far.

P.S. Surface to Air missle weapons are also a pain in the rear to get, any tips on those would be helpful.

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Believe me I'm not just sitting in the corner trying to figure out how to cheat the system or not play to help my team. I mean I would love it if I could figure out a good method of using the SA weapons so I could shoot down air assets better. And the same with stationary emplacement, they usually do set them up in decent area's I'm just trying to see if people have any tips on areas that might work better than areas for getting those kills. Or even specific game modes, like I assume TDM won't be a good one, but perhaps Rush or Conquest would be good to sit in a TOW to prevent people from going from E to G in Karkand.

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For the stationary, the Hill on Caspian is great. You have one on either side of the base so you can easily shoot the tanks with an rpg, then hop on the stationary and blow them up.

For AA missiles, lock on and hold the lock. If they don't pop flares after a second, shoot once then hit reload. You can still fire the second shot after their flares dissipate, and you're read with another shot to hit them with.

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Yah, I think maybe I'm just playing people that are too good at flying, plus it seems like the SA missiles just have a really low lock-on range. I can't remember how many times I'm looking right at a heli that isn't even too far above me and it doesn't even attempt a lock-on. Then once it starts all they do is fly behind some trees and it breaks the attempted lock :(

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I haven't had any luck using the stationary weapons. The AT launchers especially are just really frustrating to use.

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Well I'm up to 24 Ribbons so only 6 more to go for my Medal. I couldn't really do squat in the AA gun so I got most of them using the AT launchers. So far Karkand has been the bread and butter, I found the one at B, while very exposed seemed to work nicely because your able to hit a lot of the campers at G. I also had a good stint at the one below G when we got pushed back to the island. I was able to take out some jeeps trying to make a run from D to G. I also got my 70th weapon up to over 100 kills and wracked up some more Mortor kills.

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I think I've had four of those ribbons on 360 and none on PC (yes I own both versions) and yeah PC BF3 players got really good to the point where you can hardly get any stationary ribbons

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Ok I found the secret, Noshar Canals using the C Ram, I got 10 kills in one round. Finally got my medal woot, up to 37/50 for the Medals.

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Yeah, the C Ram has a dominant range on Canals. It's pretty ridiculous.

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