What does this game need to do to compete?

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Seeing as the post-Battlefield 2 is filled with Modern Warfare 2's, Bad Companys, and MAGS, Battlefield 3 will have to do a hell of alot to differentiate itself. Its going to have the destruction, the vehicles, and the unlocks of the other DICE produced games, but what does it have to do to compete with all these other shooters? 
I imagine they will have to include a much larger player cap (That goes back to MAG of course.), but other than that, i cannot see what will make 3 any different from Bad Company 2.  And as for it being PC exclusive, well, that isnt going to happen.  How do you think EA is going to seperate this game from every other DICE game/FPS on the market?
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Man, really don't know.  If anything, the fact that battlefield 3 exist in some way is making me hold back on that Bad Company 2 purchase i was planning on making. 
Maybe they could bring in more aerial combat,  a commander style class?  DICE is quite the developer, but they sure have a ton on their plate.

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@udabenshen: Don't know if you've bought BC2 yet, or not, but BF3 is probably a good ways off.
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Destruction, lots of vehicles, and a really high player count. Preferably push it past 64 players. DICE also needs to tighten the controls, make it feel a bit more like Call of Duty imo. They've got the edge over the CoD franchise though with things like bullet drop and large map size. But CoD has been beating the Battlefield series in regards to matchmaking, persistent unlocks, and objective based gameplay since CoD4, so that's something DICE will have to work on.

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