What's your favourite moment so far?

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Lets share the craziest things we have seen or done so far!
For me... Getting a double headshot with a single sniper rifle bullet was pretty amazing, or getting MVP in a round around 2000 points ahead of second place, using a jet!

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In the Grand Bazaar map my team was fighting a war of attrition in the Alleyway section, and I managed to slip around the side to flank our enemy; I lobbed a grenade into the group gathered at the entrance to the alley and killed a few, gunned down another fellow, stabbed another one, and when one of them set about running from me I unloaded my M1911 into his back; celebration was momentarily suspended when I was wasted by several enemy units. Lesson: no matter how much of a bad-ass you are in BF, you are nothing without teamwork.

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Loving the Recon class, really trying to get into the role of a sniper when I play. So on Operation Firestorm just trying to get used to the map, exploring various areas. I venture to the top of a large storage building and as I'm walking across the roof I spot an enemy sniper on the opposing storage building. He was hunkered-down; Firing on a few of my squad-mates. I draw a my scope on him and fire.... I miss my first shot and now he knows where I am. He fires on me, I fire back. We trade shots back and forth, all while in the prone position shimmying side to side. I notice that one of my squad-mates has snuck up the ladder behind him and is slowly moving in for the knife kill. The enemy and I still trading shots. Unfortunately, the enemy sniper turns around and notices my squad-mate and fires on him with his pistol, killing him. I aim just above his head and fire... the bullet drags down and lands straight on top of his head.

I was literally sweating after the over-3-minute ordeal... needless to say I'm having a lot of fun with this game.

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#4 Posted by BawlZINmotion (704 posts) -

I was rolling up a dirt road in my tank on "Caspian Border" when an enemy tank came creeping over the hill directly in front. I fired, he fired back, then put his tank into reverse. I fired back at him while moving foward, he fired back at me while moving backwards. Then I hit turbo and slammed the front of his tank so hard it lifted up and landed on top of mine. I then fired a final point blank shot at his underside, causing his tank to explode. I jumped out of my disabled tank and knifed the sole survivor while he was trying to reload his RPG, then repaired my tank and drove off.

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It was in the tunnel section of Damavand Peak, my team and the opposing team were fighting at the end of the hallways within the tunnel so I decided to go down the main tunnel and catch them at the entrance of their end of the hall way. I see about 8 guys or so just standing around the doorway and I'm about 10 feet from it and I quickly go prone and start unloading with my M249. I think I even deployed my bipods, but it was a massacre, just seeing all that text fly up as I went full auto was amazing. Ran out of ammo on my M249 so I switched to my pistol got a few more kills before dying, but I ended up getting around 10 kills all in matter of seconds. Pretty much the amount of time it takes to unload a 100 rounds and 2 pistol mags.

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When a teammate and I were both flying jets. We were facing head-on about to crash into each other, and we both did an aileron roll at opposite rotations. We flew by each other sideways and parallel, inches apart in the sky. It was fucking awesome.

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Not having the game yet due to amazon fucking me over.

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I will quote my favorite moment from another thread.

Also, as a closing thought: Damavand Peak is FUN AS HELL. Jumping off and timing the parachute to where you slow down right before you suicide is never not fun. Probably my favorite map, I had some epic Mission Impossible moments on that map. One example is a little bird (I think, it could have been the other chopper) flew up right in front of the drop off, hovered firing at my whole squad, I had out my M1911 with a suppressor, two dudes hop out and I kill both of them while firing from the hip still running towards the edge, someone behind me puts a rocket right in the face of the little bird, I jump off the ledge, parachute about 30 feet before the ground, and right before I land I kill another dude with my 1911. SO FUN. Maybe the coolest thing that has ever happened to me in a video game.

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I haven't got the full game yet, but from the Beta (yeah I know, I'm lame...): My team mates and the enemy team were shooting bricks at each other on the escalators for about 10 minutes straight. It was a stalemate and we were losing lives slowly but surely. We got down to about a handful of tickets left when I decided to go up another entrance. The enemy team is all facing the other way and don't know I'm there. I arm the bomb and turn around and kill about half of them. We progressed to the next stage with 2 tickets left. Sometimes team mates can be so dumb lol...

Oh and also, this guy was hiding behind a corner and knifing everyone who ran through. He'd killed like 5 guys and no one had bothered to try and kill him. So I run through, I hear him creep up behind me, then I turn around and pump two in his head. Then I tea bagged him. He quit.

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Discovering the awesomeness of shotties with frag ammo. Awesome fun!

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Duder was running at me, I had like 5 bullets left, all five bullets went in, and got a headshot.. Then I ran a bit trying to find some ammo and died lol

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We were held up in the B objective in Operation Metro, the second stage inside the tunnels. There were like 10 of us inside, and all 12 of them attacking from both sides of the toilet. At any moment, there were at least 5 grenades on the ground, shit was blowing up EVERYWHERE! I was a medic, so my route was: Revive 3 4 guys who got blown up, kill 2 3 people bunched up outside, get blown up by grenades, get revived, rinse and repeat. This went on for 10 minutes! It was insane! They were shooting rockets inside, but all they did was shoot rockets from one opening of the room to the other, without it hitting anybody.

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One of my first games on Kharg Island Conquest, I hopped in a jet to try getting used to flying it etc.had to bail out of the jet after takign damage and was parachuting down from a way up in the sky, wondering what to do with my time while I was drifting down. Saw an enemy helicopter in the middle of the map attacking a point, remembered I had a stinger rocket launcher equipped. Locked on, fired, took out the helipcopter while still parachuting down. About 30 seconds later landed in the water, swam to shore, with a big stupid grin on my face.

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#14 Posted by bwmcmaste (920 posts) -

@NotorietyH: Ah yes, the satisfaction of a well-placed stinger is something that I've only recently acquainted myself with. I remember my first stinger kill going as follows: locking and firing the weapon, a sudden moment of frustration as I complained about the ineffectiveness of this shitt- <kaboom> - oh... never mind, that was actually pretty awesome.

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#15 Posted by kalmis (1745 posts) -

Nothing seriously amazing, but this got my heart rate up yesterday. It was on Damavand Peak CQ map and we were getting absolutely humped. They had the tunnel flag and a tank just inside our entrance. This tends to happen if team don't play together as everyone knows. Anyway our team were all over the place and we had few quitters even. Anyway, the enemy guy in the tank kept racking those kills. Got me 3 times. Of course it is hard to kill a good tank driver in that map since its no narrow. I decided to go on a personal vengenance trip to take him down. Was playing with support which I usually tend to do. Managed to creep inside the far side tunnel (of the tank) slowly. At one point the enemy run past me in the tunnel, me being crouched in the corner of the wider part. Didn't want to take him and risk beeing seen since didn't have a supressor. Anyway further sneaking got me behind the tank eventually. Felt like I was using ages on it. Few C4's later the tank and both drive/gunnder deed, as they say in Scottish. In the end it didn't change the out come of the match, but at least I got an revenge.

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Just achieved a perfect 4-way split in time spent on each kit (that's like 25 hours each). When I saw that today in my Battlelog stats screen, I couldn't help but smile in glee.

Also had a nice flawless round piloting an IFV (aka APC) on Grand Bazaar yesterday night. 21-0, winning team and earning the MVP ribbon. Sexy performance is sexy! Should start vehicle whoring. Still stuff to unlock and damn vehicle play is good for my stats.

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#17 Posted by DragoonKain1687 (751 posts) -

I was once playing Rush on Damavand Peak as a defender. My team sucked, big time, 0 cooperation at all. I died 10 times because I wanted to do as much as possible to be everywhere doing all that my team was not doing. That means setting traps, defending M-Coms, defusing bombs and such. Thing is, after the second point was taken because my team was more worried on increasing their fucking kill count, I decided I had to quit. So, instead of rage quitting, I decided that I would go all Rambo on the enemies ass.

Second point taken, my team took a chopper, so, when it was well above the remainings of the second set of M-Coms, I jumped, falled on the top of the white building, armed with the AK-74 I gunned down 15 enemies, each time moving to different places so that they would not find me. I even took down 2 enemies with my knife. The attacking team took the third set of M-Coms, so enemies stoped spawning where I was. The third point was down the cliff. So I decided it was jumping time. I jumped down. There was this big building with 2 snipers above it. Took one down with my knife, and the second with my gun. I was out of ammo, so I replaced my set with one of the snipers, and went on to kill 4 more enemies.

In the end, I lost the round, was godly pissed off due to my teams incompetence, but at least I earned many points.

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#18 Posted by bwmcmaste (920 posts) -

@Seppli said:

Also had a nice flawless round piloting an IFV (aka APC) on Grand Bazaar yesterday night. 21-0, winning team and earning the MVP ribbon. Sexy performance is sexy! Should start vehicle whoring. Still stuff to unlock and damn vehicle play is good for my stats.

Ah yes, the IFVs and soft-armour vehicles are the secret sauce of resourceful BF3 playing: a well placed .50 cal can do prodigious damage.

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#19 Posted by amir90 (2243 posts) -

Basically 2 things:

C4 a Tank


Being able to run by in Conquest 64 Metro, to end up killing 7 people while flanking, only happened once thou:)

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#20 Posted by CommonReason (125 posts) -

I shot a stinger at a little bird. It hit the pilot from the side of the helicopter (there's no door on the sides) and it was a direct kill. The helicopter then landed, undamaged, right in front of me. Naturally I stole it and then moved along with my business.

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On Operation Flashpoint:

I was coming from the Warehouse (Point B) towards Point A and I see an enemy running towards me who turned and went around the other side of the containers (he didn't see me), I turn around and decide to cut him off....and knife him in the face just as he turns the corner. Then my friend on the mic complains because he'd been chasing him with a tank for ages trying to run him over haha

Another time on Siene Crossing (I think) I turn a corner and see a team mate trying to repair his tank which is getting shot at the same time from an enemy tank 10 metres away. So I jump in, aim the cannon and destroy that annoying enemy tank, jump out and let my team mate finish his repairs and have his tank bank.

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I picked up Battlefield 3 on black Friday I guess since I am picking up both the PC and Playstation 3 versions, I didn't see any sense in getting it on day one and paying 60$ for each, so instead, paid 30$ for each which was much more in line with what I thought the game war warranted since Battlefield 3 isn't really a "mainline" Battlefield, more of a Bad Company 3 Multiplayer standalone edition.

Anyways, I had this thing happen either last night, or the night before where I shot down a helicopter which then crashed into their tank and blew that up in front of me... pretty cool making that happen.

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#23 Posted by Twisted_Scot (1211 posts) -

Snipeing Littlebird pilots while they are in the air is always fun then watching some not realise theres no pilot till it hits the ground and explodes.

Being stuck at the D flag on the "Island" map as recon by a tank with gunner & driver / gunner in a jeep. Sniping the gunner of the jeep, stabbing the driver when he jumped out, picking up his engineer kits and blasting the 2 tanks guys into oblivion was pretty satisfying after being pinned down at the flag by them for about 2 mins.

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Jets: Shooting down a helicopter, barrel rolling away from a missile, strafing down a tank then pulling a loop onto the jet behind me, shooting it down, jumping out and freefalling 500 meters to C4 the mobile AA. Height confers advantages.

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