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    Battlefield 3

    Game » consists of 15 releases. Released Oct 25, 2011

    Battlefield 3 is DICE's third numerical installment in the Battlefield franchise. It features a single player and co-operative campaign, as well as an extensive multiplayer component.

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    Diamond in a Shitstorm 1

    Battlefield 3 is arguably the best online FPS of this generation.If you can read past that first sentence, and swallow it then this isn't the review your looking for *Waves hand slowly*, because as great as it is, BF3 has been launched with a whole battalion of accompanying problems. Yet it remains a great game at its core. The rating you will give this game depends largely upon how much internet drama shit your willing to wade through to get at BF3's diamond center.I sure hope that tank is on m...

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    King of the Hill. 1

    Battlefield 3 is a game that should be looked at in a slightly different light than most others. The bread and butter of this title is in its multi-player and the bread and butter is mighty tasty. The single player campaign in a Battlefield title should be looked at as a secondary feature like most game’s multi-player portion is. That said the single player campaign itself is surprisingly well done and should not be overlooked.The multi-player in BF3 is essentially everything you like in Battlef...

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    Something in the way (The Single Player) 8

    And with the release of Battlefield 3, we can officially declare that the Great 2011 war of the shooters has begun. And already, those of us who thought we would be Switzerland to Battlefield's and Modern Warfare 3's Axis and Aliied powers have found themselves taking sides. Having played the Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 3, I have arguably played the worst version of the game, but the main problem with the game is almost assuredly universal: the single player and co-op portions of the game ar...

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    Battlefield 3 Review (8.5 out of 10) 0

    Battlefield 3,developed by DICE Entertainment, is the long awaited Battlefield 2 sequel. DICE succeeds in delivering an adrenaline filled multiplayer, providing a nearly flawless online play that combines expansive big - team battles with the explosive DICE engine. What the game lacks is a strong single player experience that sabotages it from being a great game.Most people aren't looking to buy Battlefield 3 to find a strong story and it never gives you that impression. DICE raises the bar from...

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    Not friendly if youre not fan 0

    I played BF2 for PC for fun, always multiplayer. I tried bf3 and actually doesnt feel safe like playing the antecessor, but guess mostly because I am not this skilled strategist. So for a simple straight forward fun I would keep close to BF2. And the fact that consoles dont allow more than 24 players online is also desmotivating. graphics and sound is 5 star, no doubt. Single player campaign also not that interesting....

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    Battlefield 3 Review 0

    Battlefield 3 pushes to extend the franchise into an entire new territory. The game features an all new ambitious campaign, a neat spin on co-op, and a extravagantly improved multiplayer component. The game is a sheer blast to play! Modern shooters in the past few years have centered in on blockbuster like experiences in where action sequences are fast and simply insane. While the single player campaign in Battlefield 3 is all but the same as everything else, the multiplayer is where it shines....

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    Spectacular mayhem 0

    I’ve been in and out of the Battlefield franchise over the years, and I generally have a lot of fun with it when I actually sit down and play. The series has always offered a decidedly different take on what a shooter can be, and the latest entry doesn’t veer from that goal. Battlefield 3 is a bombastic, large scale shooter with a lot to offer, and as long as you’re down with its sometimes overwhelming level of mayhem this is a multiplayer experience that’s well worth diving into.I should note u...

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    QTEs are unplayable with a gamepad 0

    Ok, seriously did this game see any testing at all? You start the game and everything seems fine with a gamepad, you can navigate the menus and such, start the game and then go run around and shoot guys. Then a QTE pops up and shows you a mouse button to press. Ok, wrong button labels are nothing new, so you try to press the equivalent trigger on your gamepad. Doesn't work. So you die and try again. Try pressing different buttons, doesn't work. You die again. Then you go search for an option to ...

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    A fine return to the series' roots 0

    Ah battlefield, it is good to have you back. I first got into the Battlefield series at a friends house, when we played some BF 1942 on his PC. I was mesmerized. Unfortunately, my PC at the time was a POS incapable of gaming, so for 5 long years, no more battlefield. Then Battlefield Bad Company 2 came out. However, by then, I had a gaming PC. I picked it up for that and had even more fun than I did on my PC. I then decided to try out battlefield 2 on my PC. When I played my first 64 player Conq...

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    I need a PC version 0

    I love Battlefield 3. Because this gameplay is military realistic like in Bohemia Interactive Studio's ArmA series due to Frostbite 2 engine compared to Bohemia Interactive Studio's Real Virtuality 3. But there is very disappointed about this game. I will make a upcoming about give 10 reasons Battlefield 3 is disappointed and need to be improvements after Endgame DLC is released. If I have PC version, I will give 4.5 stars. But I only have Window Vista with 6 years old PC. I would get Window 8 f...

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    Battlefield 3 0

    While the filthy console peasants play their gimped version of “Battlefield 3” with inferior visuals, texture pop-in, and a 24-player cap in multiplayer, we of the glorious PC gaming master race are experiencing one of the best multiplayer shooters to be released this generation. I must emphasis that it is one of the best multiplayer shooters this generation, because if you’re coming to “Battlefield 3” looking for an engaging single-player, there is none to be found.The single-player mode of “Ba...

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    Battlefield 3 0

    Since Battlefield 2 was released in 2005, the series has seen plenty of games get released, but it is only now that we're getting a new numbered one. Battlefield 3 seems to be both a return to the series' roots, and also a culmination of the changes it's gone through since 2 came out. It combines a lot of the strengths of the original games with some of the improvements by offshoots like Battlefield: Bad Comapny, resulting in a product that seems like the end result of years of tweaking and expe...

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    A Treat For The Eyes And Ears, But Not Necessarily A Step Up 0

    Quick: What's the first thing that comes to mind when I say Battlefield? For those of us who've been with the franchise since the beginning, it's massive 64-player battles and seamless vehicle integration. For others, it's the large scale destruction of the Bad Company games. But playing Battlefield 3, I couldn't help but think that there is now an entire generation of gamers who would answer that question with horror stories of an overly scripted campaign desperately trying to emulate the big d...

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    For 8-24 players Only 0

    It isn’t uncommon to find that your newly purchased video game has more than one disc in its box, but Battlefield 3 is the first that I know of to put multiplayer, not single player, on the first disc. At first, I was a little surprised due to the sheer amount of time DICE and EA spent showing off the Frostbite 2 engine and campaign. The PR emphasis was definitely on those two points, and the online beta earlier this year didn’t help the multiplayer stand out one bit.But here we are, with 24-pla...

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    Right DLC, Wrong Console 0

    (WORK IN PROGRESS)I was very excited for the released of Armoured Kill (or Armored Kill for those not using the Queen's English). After the Close Quarters DLC, I was looking forward to what was hopefully a more classical Battlefield experience; where Close Quarters was fast-paced, frenetic, tight, overwhelming, and chaotic, I hoped Armoured Kill would bring more of the tactical, sprawling and planned gameplay we are all used to and enjoy from maps such as Operation Metro and Caspian Border. Clos...

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    Mediocre Campaign Meets World Class Multiplayer 0

    The Battlefield franchise has always had a different approach to the standard first person shooter. This holiday Electronic Arts and DICE have brought the franchise back for it’s third proper installment in Battlefield 3. Battlefield 3 is an interesting game in that, it feels like a blend of three of DICE’s previous games, Medal of Honor (The multiplayer portion anyway), Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 2.Now I say Battlefield 2 with a bit of resignation simply because it’s not a whole like the PC...

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    Point Blank Hit-and-Miss 0

    The second DLC expansion for Battlefield 3 titled "Close Quarters" is something that I know for sure many will love, and many will hate. Turning away from the classic Battlefield formula consisted of large-scale warfare and vehicles, Close Quarters brings the 4 smallest maps in Battlefield history to the table along with 10 new weapons.The approach of taking things slowly and using tactics gets thrown completely out the window when playing the new maps, with more luck and less skill involved wit...

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    Wait- there's single player? 0

    Note: This review is based on a retail copy of Battlefield 3: Limited Edition for PS3.Battlefield 3 is a first-person modern military shooter for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC platforms. While not actually the third game in the Battlefield series, it is considered the direct sequel to the highly successful Battlefield 2, released back in 2005.When thinking about audio, Battlefield games have some of the best sounds in any shooter, and Battlefield 3 is no exception. Sound design is great, with powerfu...

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    4/5 Great expansion! 0

    Anyone who has played these maps on PC will find that they will be, "at home" in this expansion with the 4 awesome maps that will keep you entertained for hours! My favorite map out of the 4 is Gulf of Oman, it's big and the space environment is great for battle while on the ground or on the high air this is a well overall map. Great deal when it came with the Limited Edition copy....

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    Has some issues, but it's still Battlefield, and it's still fun. 0

    Before I start with this, let me get the elephant in the room out of the way first. I've played every single Battlefield game on the PC, and even though I've complained about them, I've still loved them. So when I heard BF3 was going to be Origin-only and not available on Steam, I raged, and vowed not to preorder this, and not play it until it came out on Steam and EA pulled their heads out of their ass. And now, 41 ranks later, and 61 hours into the game, here I am writing a review.And it's not...

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    Battlefield's Best 0

    Let's just glaze over the campaign. It's hardly original and all too short. Luckily, it's not exactly what we came for anyway.The multiplayer is not only the best iteration of Battlefield but also above all other modern shooters. The Frostbite 2 engine, excellent vehicle variety and control, weapons with enough intricacies to fit any play style, and just plain awesome maps are all combined for the best online experience I've ever had.This is not your standard fast-frag, arcade shooter. There is ...

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    Battling High Expectations 0

    Battlefield 3 is just one of those games.You’d think that after a third entry in the main stay franchise, a series of console spin-offs, and a glut of free play experiments, that you’d be tired of that same old tune. That’s true, to a certain extent, but it bodes well have a sense of familiarity in this case. My history with the franchise is spotty at best: in my youth I played a tremendous amount of Battlefield 1942 offline, waging war with shell-shocked bots because I lived in the middle of no...

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    Not the usual Battlefield you know... 0

    I'll admit, when I first heard Battlefield 3's second DLC was going to be Close Quarters, I groaned a tiny bit. "Bloody Call of Duty-pandering limp wrists" I think I said. Since it was really the first true DLC for me (since I picked up Karkand in the Limited Edition of Battlefield 3 to begin with), I really didn't like the idea of the first exciting expansion being something that was so... well, un-Battlefield-y.Disclaimer: This review is not going to be about whether Premium is a good deal or ...

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    Best Crashing Helicopters Simulation Yet 0

    When DICE said they were going to make a proper sequel to Battlefield 2, expectations were high; and rightfully so, because Battlefield 2 is one of the most beloved first-person shooters of all time. Battlefield 3 walks a fine path between what made Battlefield 2 great and what makes a modern shooter. It is smartly designed and the most ambitious Battlefield game yet.Battlefield 3 makes it clear from the get go that this is a serious game. No more random chatter between Sarge and Sweetwater, no ...

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    To all the girls i love 3

    So listen. I am no fanboy. i could care less which game between this and MW3 sells more copys. But as an oldschool gamer from the beginning of gaming. i will call it how it is. This game is fun. If you like BF games you will like this game. the graphics are decent. (i have everything installed to my HDD) The Gameplay is what you would expect from a BF game. The depth of the MP is great. lots of thing to unlock. Sound is amazing. (using surround sound). Servers are shaky like every other DICE rel...

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    battlefield 3 in my words 0

    ive loved BF ever since i downloaded 1942 on 360 awhile back,but of always been a halo and cod fan.and from what ive played so far of BF3 is awesome and simply cant put it down the multiplayer that is, i could care less about the campaign its not that it is't goood its that i play BF3 to play online.and for the record im not getting COD MW3 because im not going to support a game company that fires the original staff of creators for no reason other then greed and try to act as if nothing has chan...

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    The BEST instalment yet. 0

    Now, I'm going to leave the campaign aside for now, and start with the multi-player. The BEST multi-player of ANY shooter I have played in my life. Hands down. The large variety and scale of the maps is amazing. The physics, graphics and game-play are stellar. While there are hiccups, as with any game, like crashing a jet into the ground and it doesn't explode, it's still VERY good. But, it doesn't get a five from me for those few hiccups, as well as, and I had to come to it eventually, the camp...

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    Review: Battlefield 3 0

    At about this time last year, Electronic Arts took its first real stab at the ever-increasing Call of Duty market with the revitalization of Medal of Honor. The plan was solid: make a shooter that incorporated elements from Modern Warfare and E.A.’s long-running Battlefield franchise. In execution, however, Medal of Honor was less than spectacular. Game mechanics from Battlefield, such as environmental destruction and class-based multiplayer were dumbed down, and elements taken from Modern Warfa...

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    Possibly the best shooter of the year. 0

    Electronic Arts have been bragging and boasting that Battlefield 3 would be the Call of Duty killer for some time now. They even have quotes from people who played the game, saying it's better than Modern Warfare 3. We'll find out if that's true in November. However, at least for now, Electronic Arts might be right. Because Battlefield 3 does so many things well, it might be shooter of the year.Let's start with the single player. Since this is a sequel in the core Battlefield series, DICE could ...

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    Battlefield 3: Review 0

    NB - I find myself unable to give full marks due to the single player not offering all that it could. Consider the multiplayer portion of the game a strong 5 out of 5.With games like Battlefield, you must consider that the game has both a single player and multiplayer element. More so then your average game, the reason that this must be considered is because there are a vast majority of players that will simply buy this game for the multiplayer. The single player campaign might be looked at afte...

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    Field of Battle 0

    Visuals are top notch.Battlefield has always offered a different twist on what everyone has come to expect from the modern shooter market. Some of the renditions have been reminiscent of an anime or cartoon; others have found themselves offering a small niche a free-to-play experience, while others have offered you the ability to wage full scale warfare of epic proportions on a battlefield that felt very much like a war-zone. Many who choose Battlefield as their shooter do so because rather than...

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    Get your pulse racing 0

    Pre-release images of thee game left me positively salivating. And has this game come through in spades, especially the campaign. I don't quite get what people find so disappointing in the story, it's war and Battlefield has always tried to make it as realistic as possible. Obviously the set-pieces and wow-moments were lifted from COD, but so what?The co-op is fun and a good way to get some chopper practice. However, I was mildly annoyed at the absence of check-points.The multi-player positively...

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    Multiplayer heaven, single player hell 0

    I've been slightly stuck in a bit of a rut when it comes to keeping up with the times recently. Apart from indulging in nostalgia with San Andreas and MGS HD Collection, the only other videogame I've purchased recently has been COD-Beater Battlefield 3. After my stunning praise of Modern Warfare 3 back on release, it's hard to see how BF3 can beat such a consistently perfect masterpiece. My sarcasm reserves are evidently bottomless.Lets get one thing clear - this review isn't going to touch the ...

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    Does it live up to the hype? 0

    Battlefield 3. The most generic title. It actually is more generic than "Modern Warfare", They win the award for sure. But, how is the game? If you don't have internet for you console, Its bad. If you do (Like the other 7 million of us) its pretty good. This review is unbiased because I am not a BF nerd and never have been. I never played 1942 or any other up until BF BC.The multiplayer, If you haven't heard already, is pretty amazing. The campaign... Not so much. I was looking forward to playin...

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    Currently the best FPS IMO 0

    I'm pretty happy with this FPS. There is an issue of team balancing that is not yet fixed though people still play. Having the ability to customize your character & gear is something I really enjoy. It makes your lethality unique. Though just as with any FPS, there is plenty of camping/snipers & in some cases people taking vehicles just to destroy them on your team....Of the two most popular FPS games right now MW3 & BF3, I would say it just comes down to preference with which you pr...

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    An average first person shooter that is nothing more than the sum 1

    What does it take to make a good game? Do you simply need a collection of good elements, like visuals, story, and gameplay mechanics? Battlefield 3 tries to prove this to be true by just having these parts, since they believe that this what it takes make a game good. However, they are wrong, and it is because of this focus on individual segments that Battlefield 3 fails to live up to its potential or its competition. Visually the game look great, it is one, if not the best, looking game currentl...

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    Disappointing 0

    Overall I'm dissatisfied with BF3. I should be wanting to play it 24/7 and I'm not. I have 1942/BF2 and BC2 and hoped BF3 would be closer to BF2 than anything else. I can't help but think that they tried to target the Modern Warfare audience (Rap trailer?) simply to gain more sales and I think that led to my "average" feeling on the shooting as a whole. The guns are decent, the levels are ok though there are several I just don't care for. Hopefully that will be resolved with the Back to Karkand ...

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