Battlefield 3

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    Battlefield 3 is DICE's third numerical installment in the Battlefield franchise. It features a single player and co-operative campaign, as well as an extensive multiplayer component.

    grumbel's Battlefield 3 (PC) review

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    QTEs are unplayable with a gamepad

    Ok, seriously did this game see any testing at all? You start the game and everything seems fine with a gamepad, you can navigate the menus and such, start the game and then go run around and shoot guys. Then a QTE pops up and shows you a mouse button to press. Ok, wrong button labels are nothing new, so you try to press the equivalent trigger on your gamepad. Doesn't work. So you die and try again. Try pressing different buttons, doesn't work. You die again. Then you go search for an option to enable the controller and fine none. This is the way the game is supposed to behave. The QTEs in the game do not work with a controller, at all, even so other stuff does work. It's ridiculous and even well over a year after it's release they have done nothing to fix this.

    It's one thing to not support a controller at all, but having controller support as a half functioning left over in the game is mind boggling weird.

    The rest of the single player seems messed up as well, given that you get "Leaving the Mission Area" warnings whenever you walk 10 meters of the prescripted path. That's when I gave up on the game.

    I obviously haven't checked the multiplayer, but those 20mins of singleplayer were easily among the worst piece of gaming I had in the last 25 years.

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