I need Duders who also play Drunk/Intoxicated (PS4)

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This may be an odd request but when I usually have time to play this game it's late at night for me (US eastern time) and I'm usually a little tipsy as I am now, so I apologize if this is a poor topic but I would love to play with some duders who don't mind playing with fellow drunk duders. I do well during the day when I have the chance to play but at night I'm just looking to unwind and of course my ability declines as the night grows old but I was just wondering if anyone else would like to join me for a drunken romp through BF4 on PS4, I've got premium as well so I can play anything. I didn't know how else to find players or set this up so I decided I'd ask on here. If anyone else wants to play with other players who are less than sober please add me and others who post. I'm Nirvana23 on PSN, unfortunately I don't have a real name account because I created my account when I was 15 or 16 and am now 22 so please don't count that against me. Anyway Nirvana23 is looking for help shooting people on BF4 and would love to have you with me. Thanks,


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