Well mantle is out. Kinda.

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So BF4 has been patched to support mantle now, and the star swarm demo is out on steam. This is the day that all the people that have GCN cards have been waiting for. The frame rates will be over 9000 and it will be amazing!

Wait. AMD hasn't pushed out the beta driver? Well that's disappointing.

I am an R9 290 owner, and I am sort of excited to see what it can do for me performance wise, but at this point, I kinda don't think it's going to make that much of a difference unless you have a lower end (read: AMD) CPU. While some games, particularly RTS and their ilk will still benefit, it's probably not going to be the all-mighty performance enhancer it was talked up as being. I have to say, with BF4 being as much of a hot mess as it is, I figured it would be DICE that would be late to the game with the patch, not AMD.


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