Bad Company 2: Helicopter Duel

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#1 Posted by SgtTimBob (12 posts) -

We were waiting for the Giant Bomb BC2 group to find a server, so Martin and I decided to find an empty server and go head to head in helicopters. In reality it was just another opportunity for me to demonstrate my complete ineptitude at controlling the copter with the default controls. Inverting them enabled be to stay in there long enough to see Martin hit the ground.

I know the flying in BC2 is meant to be at least slightly realistic in terms of the way you control the thing, but you have to admit it can be awkward. I do laugh whenever I see a bunch of guys stood next to a helicopter waiting for someone with leet piloting skills to come along and fly the damn thing for them while they rack up points in the turrets.

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#2 Posted by big_jon (6447 posts) -

I'm leet in the Chopper.

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#3 Posted by SgtTimBob (12 posts) -

Wish I was =(

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