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Hey guys. 
I was reading another thread where people were talking about helicopter tactics and some people said they couldn't fly. I find it disappointing that there is no means to practice flying outside of ranked play (or MP altogether) but that is an unfortunately currently unchangeable problem. Now, I'm sure flying for the PC is similar to how it has been in previous BF iterations and it isn't too hard, but the console configuration means that you've got a bit of difference to accommodate and, invariably, people don't take off. They just crash. And then people moan at them for using 'their' vehicle (because they're owned, right??) and that isn't fair.  
So, for those interested, here's some links to some helicopter tutorials for the console. The tutorial uses the 360, but I imagine it'd be the same for the PS3, just changing the name of some buttons. Even if you think the voice patronising, they're very good and thorough. The same guy did a tutorial for BC1 which I used and can attest to it's brilliance. In fact, there's very little difference between controlling in BC1 to BC2.  That being said, you'll likely want to change the control method (options) to the BC1 set-up. Apparently this makes circle-strafing harder to do, but it's not something I do anyhow, so if the basics below are useful, you can theoretically use any set-up that you would otherwise prefer.

  (From about 1.30 mark onwards. The first little bit is just showing you the destructive power of the attack helicopter, which you probably already know of. Covers basic control mechanics) 
  (Again, from about the 1.20 mark. Teaches you about evasion and strafing runs) 
  (From 1.20. This talks about flying manoeuvres and what vehicle specs.) 
  (Pretty self-explanatory. Plus, it has models. MODELS!) 
 (About 45 seconds in, he covers landing. It's exactly the same as it is in BC2, which I don't think he clearly covers in the BC2 tutorials. It lasts all of 15 seconds!) 
Enjoy guys, and see you on the Battlefield!
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Nice, this will be useful for people who cannot fly.
I can, but i still watched the videos for tips =]

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I always think it's good to see how other people do things, even if you know how to do it anyhow. You might learn some interesting ideas from them, or learn how to counter them when you're up against similar tactics. I'm guessing by the view count though that people are using this...or one person has this set to their home page and it's bumping the views up!

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Hmmm how does he do the part where most of his targets are highlighted? I tend to lose sight of the targets from above especially in hardcore mode. 

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The highlights should come up automatically. Maybe they don't in hardcore? I don't play that mode too much, so I can't really say for sure, sorry!

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