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My friend and I love Bad Company 2, but are blessed with less than awesome friends to play with. We enjoy hardcore conquest and are in need of at least 2 new friends to play with. We enjoy strategy, teamwork, and long walks on the beach. Help us? Our gamertags are scruss and jaydog52.

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Totally would, but my internet has been touchy recently. I can't even download games or demos on Live. My computer fights though it, but the PS3 and Xbox just don't know what to do. If I get it fixed I'll hit you up. Otherwise, all our efforts would just end in frustration and sadness.

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A great place to start is with the guys that have the regular BFBC2: Bombing Runs as it's a great way to meet loads of people that like to play, have a laugh and either get totally raped by some great players or to totally rape some not so great players.
Most of us tend to avoid long walks on the beach though, tanks and snipers tend to ruin the romantic moments we could have there.
BTW: you didn't say what platform you were playing on, I sort of assumed it would be PC,  but it is also available on PS3, XBox 360 and there's even an iPhone version but I doubt that you play on the iPhone.

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@TheKeyboardDemon: Gamertag : Xbox 360

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@DonPixel said:

@TheKeyboardDemon: Gamertag : Xbox 360

Oh, right, that was the clue. I don't have a current console, so just didn't spot that!

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