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#1 Posted by sho76und3wd (154 posts) -

 Post says it all.  This game has a lot of really funny/weird things happen.  Post them.

My buddy and I were in a squad and we had just destroyed the first "B" point in Valparaiso.  He was asking which way we were going to go next and I was telling him that we can head down this hill and then, "OH HOLY F%$K!" I about crapped my pants as I wasn't really paying attention and a rocket fired from an eternity away zipped barely past my head and crashed right behind me.  We were laughing our heads off.  
 Awesome moment that wouldn't have happened in MW2 because the rocket probably would have auto-aimed and killed me. 

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#2 Posted by JoelTGM (5784 posts) -

In conquest there were like 5 guys trying to cap our flag, and I ran in, shot up one guy, stabbed another guy, and the others missed enough that I managed to stab two more of them before dieing lol.  Then I got revived right after that. 

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#3 Posted by Lowbrow (885 posts) -

500 meter kill in open ground with an RPG using scope leading the target was surprising and satisfying.

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#4 Posted by MrGetBonus (794 posts) -

 I was playing with a friend on Arica Harbor on attackers and we hopped on a quad and he was driving. For some reason he hops off and the quad keeps going and crashes into the turned over bus, explodes and I die. He starts laughing and I'm just like WTF JUST HAPPENED.

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#5 Posted by Andheez (646 posts) -

While playing the demo, I managed to knife like a squad and a half of people in the back.  I think they all spawned in behind this sniper who was crouched in some structure, and I somehow came about from behind though a hole, and just started knifing, they were all oblivious

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#6 Edited by dropbearGSH (90 posts) -

Headshot with a grenade launcher on someone driving a hummer.  I don't know how it happened, maybe he got out just in time to catch it with his teeth.

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#7 Posted by Ryax (4580 posts) -

a friend and i were playing and i was flying a chopper, poorly i might add, but i was flying around and they were using the miniguns. and i just felt like it was time to get out, so without telling them i hopped out and they went flying down into the ground and died. 

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#8 Posted by SmithSyndicate (101 posts) -

Basically any time I'm in the UAV.
I loooove UAV "roadkills."  You better watch your back when disarming, because chances are I will divebomb into the building and chop you up with the propellers.

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#9 Posted by Jayross (2647 posts) -
@SmithSyndicate: do you get the helicopter roadkill achievement when using the UAV? Or is it only for full-sized helis?
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#10 Posted by swamplord666 (1816 posts) -

Trying to finish the campaign before diving into the multiplayer :)

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#11 Posted by SmithSyndicate (101 posts) -
@Jayross: I did indeed unlock the "Airkill" achievement when I did it.
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#12 Posted by JerichoBlyth (1039 posts) -

I'm assuming this thread will turn into a brag-fest but if you're asking about funny moments, then I will oblige lol
Just a few minutes ago, I was playing against a bunch of rank 2-5 players because I decided to join my friend's squad (who has just bought the game himself) So yeah, when I went into one of the buildings to act as a spawn for a minute or so, I caught a glimpse of a chopper, which was full to capacity. So I took out my remote-aided rocket launcher and to say, I hit the damn thing pretty good and so it looked as if they all paniced a bit and jumped out..........not one of them deployed their parachute and it basically rained bodies in and around the house I was in lol

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#13 Edited by OneKillWonder_ (2358 posts) -

I forget what map it was, but I had the Gustav rocket launcher equipped. I was walking around in some house, and I see a guy get on a stationary RPG across from the house, and he sees me too. We both fire our rockets at the same time and end up killing each other. Thought it was pretty funny when it happened.
Yesterday, I actually managed to shoot a moving helicopter out of the air from about 150 yards away using a tank. I was just screwing around since there was nothing else to blow up at the time. I had already taken a couple shots at the thing and missed, and it was only flying farther away. I adjusting the aim for the arc of the shell's path, fired, turned straight and kept driving, when suddenly the screen prompts me that I had just destroyed it and everyone inside, Really more badass than funny, but it was an awesome moment.

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#14 Posted by yani (422 posts) -

Port Valdes on rush. Was playing as a medic attacking the first set of targets.  Got to the edge of the compound when the squad mate to my left gets sniped.  I run out from behind cover and revive him while heading to cover on the opposite side.  About 2 seconds later the guy I revived goes down to the same sniper, so I run back to my original cover and revive him on the way.  This back and forth went on for nearly a minute.....Couldn't stop laughing my squad mate started yelling at me to stop reviving him because he would just get sniped again

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#15 Posted by JerichoBlyth (1039 posts) -
@yani: Quite funny how the sniper never managed to shoot you as well due to your pattern but I guess it's because he had to keep capping the damn thing...powerful they be lol
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#16 Posted by Tuggah (1086 posts) -
@JerichoBlyth: he was probably happy at the never ending points.
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#17 Posted by Skinsforlife21 (16 posts) -

I had just planted a charge at A on Port Valdez and all of a sudden the building collapsed on me. :(

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#18 Posted by Marz (6019 posts) -

  Even though it was beta, this is still funny to me.  Mainly stabbing the 4 guys near the objective.

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#19 Posted by yani (422 posts) -
@Tuggah: I know I was!
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#20 Posted by Skald (4430 posts) -
  • I got shot while I was riding an ATV. The vehicle drove into my killer with nobody driving it. It actually killed him. 
  • Found a building full of enemy snipers. Knifed three of them, shot two more. 
  • Mortar struck a building, because I was bored. Teammate went inside and died. -15 pts for a team kill. It said "Destruction 2.0" killed him.
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#21 Posted by Jeffk38uk (726 posts) -

Was defending a point playing as engineer whe a tank pops round the corner with full squad in. Turret gunner kills me but I somehow shot my rocket launcher and it aimed square at the tank and killed the entire squad. I was laughing when i respawned to see my counter go: +50 kill, + 50 kill, +50 kill,  double kill, + vehicle kill...

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#22 Posted by Azrail (405 posts) -

getting run over by a uav lol

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#23 Posted by sodiumCyclops (2778 posts) -

Yeah pretty much anything involving the UAV is pretty funny.
I had one instance where I was taking pot shots with the UAV's machine gun at one enemy form directly above.
He got really frustrated as he couldn't figure out where the fire was coming from. I stalked him around the whole map taunting him!
Sorry if that was anyone in here :P

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#24 Posted by Workyticket (111 posts) -

Having an Engineer sneak up behind me and drill me to death with his repair tool. That was a define 'Put down the controller for a belly laugh' moment.

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#25 Posted by carlthenimrod (1616 posts) -

I followed an enemy tank on foot because I had no explosives. Once he got out to repair it, I jumped in and ran him over. That gave me a good laugh... until I was blown up.

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#26 Posted by JerichoBlyth (1039 posts) -

I remember that one time that I couldn't get into a game...ha, that was hilarious <_<

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#27 Posted by dudeitsdon (80 posts) -

I shot down a helicopter with a freaking tank. It was EPIC.

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#28 Posted by acev (108 posts) -

A nub chopper pilot crashed the blackhawk in to the last objective on a rush map and we won. So that was kinda funny

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#29 Edited by crusader8463 (14757 posts) -

One game i just fell into a jedi like trance and started killing people left and right with my sniper rifle. By the round end i had so many medals on the end game stats screen that it took me about 5-10 sec to scroll from one end of the list to the other. Ever since that game however I'm god dam lucky if i can get five or six kills in a round as my sniper.

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#30 Posted by Tennmuerti (9082 posts) -

This was my first day playing BFBC2 (today) and I have not played BF games much before at all.  
I'm kind of bad with map names, because I haven't played that much yet, but this was on a Rush map where you have like 5-6 bases and lots of tanks. Deserty looking place.

I was the only one repairing the tanks and was doing so constantly throughout the entire match, this was the result:

 UBER repairman lol :)
 UBER repairman lol :)
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#31 Posted by Jones (58 posts) -

- I was playing Arica Harbor and spawned on my friend who was using the Heavy MG position on top of the construction site in the town and when I spawned on him I spawned in free fall three times in a row lol. 
- When I shot a single assault rifle burst on the first second story building in Port Valdez killing four people inside because of Destruction 2.0
- Again playing Port Valdez last checkpoint used my granade launcher to kill a dude from atop of the building who was standing near the road block happy that I made a granade launcher shot that was so far away I uttered a " DAAAYUM" on the mic much to my friends suprise who laughed their asses. 
- Having a grenade I threw kill enemies after they kill me always amuses me. 
Lots of other moments to but I can't remember any other particular ones right now but Battlefield is full of them.

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#32 Posted by Meteora (5844 posts) -

There's plenty of Battlefield moments, but I can't remember any but one particular moment. It was on Port Valdeuz or whatever its called. At the last checkpoint I was firing RPGs at the Black Hawk and eventually gave up by firing a random one through a forest. The RPG caught on the Black Hawk's rotor tail and it went bye bye.

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#33 Edited by jmrwacko (2537 posts) -

On Isla Innocenta I sniped the pilot of a blackhawk helicopter as soon as the heli took off. It fell back on the landing pad behind the hill and didn't blow up. Then the heli took off again and I shot it down.

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#34 Posted by jkz (4169 posts) -

I was flying over the enemy capture points in Rush. The helicopter got shot down and I hopped out right on top of 5 enemies sitting right next to A. I hit the ground and got a double headshot with my AKS-74u; then I spun around and knifed a 3rd, then pulled out my M1911 and headshotted the other two. Then I just planted and got shot in the back immediately afterwards. 
Still not sure how they didn't manage to kill me, but it was pretty damn awesome.

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#35 Posted by NinjaHunter (1003 posts) -

I forgot the name of the map but I was playing rush, and I cleared a room of enemies with point A in it. I went to set the charge and two other guys on my team came in and they decided to join and "help" me set the charge. So there we were three guys huddled around the m-com station and I thought "Hm, shouldn't you guys maybe protect me or something?" but before I could finish that thought three enemies rushed in and killed us all.  
A more proud moment I had was when I set a charge in rush by myself, in a room that had one of the walls blown out. So I ran outside and watched the point and two guys ran in, I killed them both with my SCAR and had to reload. I look to my right and a whole squad is in front of me, I'm not sure if they spawned there or what but lets just say I was surprised. So anyways, I switch to my 1911 and start unloading, manage to kill one and got a head shot on another right before I died. Plus the charge point still manage to explode.

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#36 Posted by xMP44x (2227 posts) -

I was playing on Valpariso, or whatever it's called. I had control of the UAV and was going for the 'Airikill' achievement. I skimmed it between two walls and nailed two guys, before zipping up into the air and calling the Hellfire missile on the guy who was defusing one of the charges. Felt awesome and looked pretty damned good too, if I do say so myself.

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#37 Posted by PosichronicNet (33 posts) -

My favorite moment was when it said joining game and then it actually did just that.

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#38 Posted by GoranP (1265 posts) -

Shot a full speed hummer truck thing with a battle tank and it flipped up in the air and hit a low flying chopper.
BTW, where do you go to see your saved screenshots? Is it on the now taken down 'my soldier' tab on the BC2 site?

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#39 Posted by jkz (4169 posts) -
@PosichronicNet said:
" My favorite moment was when it said joining game and then it actually did just that. "
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#40 Posted by SilentZero (83 posts) -

Had a point where I hid inside a building from a UAV and then it proceeded to blow a hole in and chase me through the building, thankfully teammates were there to blow the crap out of it....

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#41 Posted by dimdum (38 posts) -

Some idiot enemy walked behind me, went past turned round and gave me ammo, so i knifed him in the face
another time heli coming towards me (trying to roadkill i think), i had my rpg and BOOM 5 kills in one shot.
also getting a headshot with the apache missles hehe

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#42 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19301 posts) -
@MrGetBonus said:
"  I was playing with a friend "
*envies you deeply*
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#43 Posted by TheFreeMan (2712 posts) -

In Port Valdez, on Rush, I was a defender and I had stolen an enemy tank after the driver had bailed. An enemy Black Hawk had been flying around harassing us for a while with the tank. I aimed up, leveled my cannon with it, and for a second the Black Hawk paused before it realized that I wasn't it's friend anymore.
4 kills, + vehicle destruction, and a whole lot of satisfaction.

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#44 Posted by Finscher (150 posts) -

I was playing on the defending team in Port Valdez as a sniper, and for once I was actually doing pretty well with counter-sniping and whatnot. The only problem I kept having was that my squad would continuously spawn on me, immediately move to stand in front of me, and start firing at targets that I had already been sighting (which not only impeded my vision, but also gave away my position every single time.) At one point, something managed to block my scope entirely, and I just about snapped. I was about to tell my squad mates to spawn somewhere else, but before I did that, I returned to the normal view... only to see that there was no one standing in front of me and that there was a hand grenade balanced perfectly on the barrel of my rifle, right in front of the scope. 
No, I didn't survive that, but I was too amused to care.

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#45 Posted by mano521 (1258 posts) -
@extremeradical said:
  • I got shot while I was riding an ATV. The vehicle drove into my killer with nobody driving it. It actually killed him. 
  • Mortar struck a building, because I was bored. Teammate went inside and died. -15 pts for a team kill. It said "Destruction 2.0" killed him.
both of those happened to me. except the atv killed a team mate after i got sniped off of it
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#46 Edited by MythDarK (738 posts) -

Me and two friends played a squad deathmatch on Laguna Presa . We rushed and mounted the tank and drew around to find out where we could go since didn't know much about the maps layout. In about a minute we passed the border of the fighting area and got the 10seconds warning. I was like "ok man, not this way then I guess, just hit the reverse." No response at all from the driver only from my other friend , who operated the turret-tower. We wondered if "X's" controller just died or what. When the counter hit 7 or 6 seconds we were notified that "X" had left the party. 
We "panicked" and abandoned the tank as a last resort to survive. The gunner made it, but I was lost on the wrong side of the line. 
It was actually hilarious at the time being, much laughter indeed. Doesn't sound that funny when just read, but it was, believe me.

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#47 Posted by Cheapoz (1142 posts) -

Last night playing Rush on the map with the lighthouse. We were attacking the first set of bases.  
I drive the Quad Bike flat out fast as I can straight down the middle. End up hitting a rock, flying through the air, go through a hole in the roof of a house (but with the accelerator still held down) land on the wheels and drive through an enemy walking through an INTERIOR DOOR.  I laughed so hard I got distracted and quickly killed. 
I don't know about you, but I would've though I'd be safe from a road kill while standing in the middle of a house. 
I bet he did too...

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#48 Posted by SilentCommando (607 posts) -

I was playing Valparaiso and I jumped onto a teammate's ATV for the ride. 
He drives for a while until I decide that I'm far enough into enemy territory so I bail and turn around to face the guy who was driving the ATV crash into a cliff and kill himself.
I felt lucky I got out when I did.

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#49 Posted by CenturionCajun (1573 posts) -

I forget what level I was on but I ran up the stairs into a building and ran to the first corner I saw and began firing out of a window. I then see one of my teammates running towards the same building only to get blasted by a shot that looks like it came almost from my position. I wheel around to find an enemy sniper sitting in the other corner of the building. He sees me and we both kill one another with simultaneous bursts.
On another level I was going for the "Dentist" achievement and find some poor sap manning a mounted Heavy MG and not paying attention. I drill him to death and go on my way. Several minutes later I was hiding out in a corner when I find myself drilled to death. That same guy had hunted me down to kill me in the same fashion. Got to hand it to him for his dedication. Hope he got his achievement too.
For pure awesome I was on the Chile level in a tank hiding around the corner of the main intersection of the town. I see an icon for a marked vehicle flying at me down the road. Lining it up I managed to catch a Humvee full of about four enemy players square in the side. The thing flew across the intersection and I then proceeded to get credit for four kills, a vehicle, multiple kills, defensive kills, and who knows what else. About 600 points in one go. I bet they were pissed.

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#50 Posted by JoyfullOFrockets (1206 posts) -

A guy was sniping me from across the lake on that jungle-ish map, I was at C, couldn't figure out where exactly he was shooting me from, was just about to die, and I hopped aboard a jet ski, drove towards him in panic and luckily got to him while he was reloading, jumped out of the thing and shot him with my pistol :D

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