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The Illiad...Hell of a Book

Do you remember Battlefield 1942, Vietnam, 2, 2142? I sure do. Hell, 2142 wasn't the best but I still played it because the Battlefield series is the only series that actually does online multiplayer right in every way...most of the time.  Then Battlefield Bad Company came out, and it was only for the consoles. The single player was decent, coming from a developer and franchise that only does large battlefields. It's multiplayer on the other hand was best. So now we have Battlefield Bad Company 2, or as I and my friends refer to it: BFCB2, or the game that killed CODMW2. We pc gamers have been waiting sometime, and here is my usual quick style of review:

-Gorgeous game
-Superb Sound
-Great gameplay
-Battlefield 2, but better.
-Joining friends is easy
-Main Characters of the single player

-The story of the single player
-Connection Issues
-Stability issues

There you have it, a quick rundown of BFBC2. It's not Battlefield 3, you know, the game PC gamers have been wanting since Battlefield 2 waned in popularity. However, it will provide a great amount of fun for any pc gamer looking to kill the time or to really just have a lot of fun. Oh, I forgot, it has dedicated servers! That's not reason alone to buy this game, but if you liked Battlefield 2, or are looking on an improvement from BFBC, then this game has it all (multiplayer wise). Plus, Hags has read The Illiad, humor is still in this game. Hoorah!

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