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Definitely not flawless, but should be played

 The first Battlefield: Bad Company was highly praised although I never fully understood the love. It all felt very monotonous. Sure, it was funny and endearing for a bit, but I got tired of the same "kill a group, walk, kill a group, walk," formula. Which means I quit the game after a couple of hours. If it got better, I'll never know.

That being said, my excitement for Bad Company 2 was minimal. The thing I was most excited for, the Multi-Player, is probably my least favorite thing. It felt very generic and run-of-the-mill. This may be because wasn't very good at it, but I was certainly dying a lot. The map design is beautiful, but frustrating. There's always snipers plotted everywhere which means constant, random deaths.

The opening battle was shockingly very good. You're a World War II soldier, with a squad of people, that are trying to retrieve something from Japan post-World War II. This entire level feels a lot like Dice's previous title, Battlefield 1943. Which, in no way, is an insult. Short story made even shorter, this search and retrieve mission does not go as well as they had hoped. World War II games may be a bit overpopulated, but I'd definitely welcome a full-on Dice World War II game. (Including a real Single-Player campaign)

Story really isn't necessarily something you'd care about in a Battlefield game but you can tell that they try really hard to make you like it in this one. It has its plot holes and inconsistencies but what game doesn't? It's a bit surprising how they succeed throughout most of the game, story-wise, then start to mess it all up with some stupid decisions at the end. There is no satisfactory ending whatsoever and it easily sets up a Bad Company 3.

The interactions between the crew are as great as before. The things they say are a combination of racism and comedy. Never too offensive, though. The voicework in itself is quite good. The voices all fit the characters very nicely and dialogue between the 3 (the main character never speaks out of cutscenes) is a great break from all the killing.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 gives out a nice bit of variety in it's Single-Player. There's a few tank, helicopter, and ATV sections to be had. It's great that they added the variety but that variety has to be good. And for the most part, it is. But When you are a gunner in a helicopter facing off against an opposing helicopter that has a rocket launcher and you die in one shot, that is bad game design at it's worst. The ATV controls are not all there, it feels a bit finicky at times. But having a fake race between all four members, while they have a hilarious back and forth conversation throughout, is just fun. No matter how frustrating the controls can be.

With the brilliant Frostbite Engine at its disposal, you know the game is great looking. The looks deliver countless jaw-dropping moments. From the visually flawless guns, to the way buildings beautifully topple to the ground, Bad Company 2 is a whole lot of eye candy packed into one disk.

Even if you don't own a huge HDTV, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 makes  you feel like you're in a war. Bullets go flying past your characters head with a quick whistle while in the background, you can hear massive explosions. Each weapon has its own individual sound that makes them all stand out. I fount myself constantly switching out guns just to see how it sounded. There really is no "perfect weapon," to use, each is varied in its own special way.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has its problems. That is undeniable. But The underlying excitement and action that is to be had makes it near impossible for me not to tell you to go rent this game. It may have annoyed me at times, but I definitely enjoyed this flawed ride.    

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