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The Battlefield continues to impress

With names like Battlefield Modern Combat, Battlefield 1942, and Battlefield Vietnam. The Bad Company series had a lot to live up to, not to mention online competition against the now enormously popular Call of Duty series. And Bad Company 2 has done more than live up to its predecessors, it has surpassed them!  
the graphics in Bad Co. 2 are absolutely stunning, from icy, snow-capped mountains, to arid dusty deserts to, lush tropical rainforests. Bad Co. 2 surpasses its competition. Lighting effects are extraordinary. Buildings, weapons, and vehicles are as accurate and stunning as possible. And explosions and carnage are sickly sweet.   
Sounds are crisp and realistic. Each gun produces it's own specific sound and the sound of bullets spattering through the air and at your feet is unreal. The sound of an Abrams tank's diesel engine revving up as it moves, or the thumping of a Blackhawks' rotors overhead is surreal. Online voice acting of the characters around you will definitely make you crack a smile.  
This is where Bad Co. 2 unfortunately lacks, it just seems too run-of-the-mill. A squad of men must save the world from destruction by an evil Russian commander, though the characters and setting may be different, the story is the same as MANY other games. Bad Co. 1 in my opinion had a far better and involving story. Not only was it fun, but it suited the name of their company. Hopefully with the way Bad Co. 2 ends off, we can expect a better story.  
This is the spot where all Battlefield games excel, online warefare. With the perfect balance of: mayhem, well put together maps, vehicles, weaponry, and teams. Battlefield is a tough act to follow. As with any other Battlefield game, the online defines Bad Co. 2, and it does so VERY well. Battles are not decided by who can knife the most people, or who has the fastest trigger finger. Rather, they are decided by which team can work together the best to reach a common goal.  
With the addition of "bullet-drop" added into the game, snipers and Rockets must take into account the distance apart from your target and adjust your sights, particularly with snipers who will encounter this the most often. Bad Co. 2 has successfully cemented itself as the definitive FPS of the year, and possibly of years to come. In my opinion, this is a MUST BUY for any FPS fan, stop reading my review and go buy it!

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