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Not quite an onslaught of content

I remember playing Bad Company 2's single player campaign and feeling like DICE missed a chance at some really cool Co-Op play. With four characters in the squad, four player Co-Op seemed like a natural fit. So I was naturally excited when I heard about Onslaught. Unfortunately, the DLC feels more like a neat diversion as opposed to the robust play experience I was hoping for.

The new Onslaught DLC for BC2 brings four player Co-Op to the game in the form of four rejigged multiplayer maps. The maps selected are good, and each has a different feel, from the frigid Nelson Bay, to the dusty Atacama Desert. Those who have already played hours of the games competitive multiplayer should feel right at home, although it might feel a little too familiar to some. The basic play is like a cross between Conquest and Rush, with the enemy AI playing the defensive team. As you move up and capture flags, the enemy loses their position and then falls back to the next flag, until you have taken them all. Taking the flags can be hectic, and solid teamwork is need to get the job done. Enemies will keep coming as long as the point is not taken, and the occasional tank or helicopter will appear to give you even more crazy to deal with. It's an intense experience, and the placement of enemies and vehicles feels good, making you constantly keep your head on a swivel. As far as gameplay goes, Onslaught delivers a fun BC2 experience. The problem is, there isn't really much of it.
After playing through the maps a few times each, I was already getting a little bored, probably not helped by the fact that I had already played hours on these maps in the competitive modes. One of the glaring issues with the DLC is that it doesn't really give you much reason to come back for more. Outside of leaderboards and beating your best time, there is no real incentive to hang around. None of the points you earn in Onslaught translate to your overall BC2 rank, so those hoping to get some leveling done are out of luck. Outside of the 8 achievements (4 for beating the maps on any mode, and 4 for beating them on Hardcore) you won't have much to show for your time in the DLC. Obviously having Onslaught effect the Kit unlocks, Rank and stats of your BC2 solider would be unbalancing, but it would have been nice to have a separate system, or at least a separate medal and pin system that  would have given players something to reach for.
At it's core, Onslaught is a fun new mode for BC2. But the lack of any new content, leveling system, or story make it feel like a well designed Mod using the assets on the disc. At a $10 (800 MS points) asking price, it is far too high for what you actually get in the end. Even dedicated BC2 players are better off saving their money, and waiting to see what the BC2: Vietnam DLC will offer.

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