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One of the funnest FPS's I ever played

Battlefield Bad Company does a rare thing. Dice was able to combine realism (such as the fact that bullets are affected by gravity) and game techniques (health packs) to create a fun, yet fairly realistic FPS that delivers. Also as a final touch it offers a great campaign. 

The Realism in BF:BC2 is amazing. The environment is in depth right down to every grain of sand. Unlike other FPS's their is a whole engine designed so that you can ravage a house after a few to many frags hit it. Also if you shot a tree it falls, but not always in the same way which makes everything you do seems unique. 

Also the campaign has a great plot which leaves you hanging every step of your journey with plot twists.  Also their are mini campaigns inside of the big one like destroying "m-com" stations to gain some extra points. 

Last but not least the multi-player is amazing. Basically it feels like a real war with all the sounds of guns and explosions (really great on surround sound) and all the destruction that happens around you. Even with tanks and helicopters it all feels balanced in some harmonious way that you would only understand if you play.

In short buy this game for it;s great graphics and in-depth multi-player.

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