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I had high hopes for this game, i loved the first bad company.  The first game had it's flaws sure but it where a different experience from other games in the same genre. This review is going to be a both a comparison towards the first game and other games in the same genre. 
The singleplayer part of the game is the disappointing part of the game for sure. The first bad company game had a special feeling when you sat down to play. Even though it was a hidden linear experience,BC2 is a more linear experience then the first game and more to compare towards infinity wards Modern Warfare 2. The environments are still as large and open world as the first game but there is more directions of exact ways to play through the game. I prefer the way from the first game since it makes it worth playing again.  Even though i explained the linear part of the game the singleplayer has more flaws. The story is for me the biggest NoNo with this game. The story is boring and now 1 week after i finished the game i still can't remember why i did all the things i did during the singleplayer campaign. The first game had a good script and humor, while this just has a boring story that in the end makes you skip the cutscenes. 
 DICE is a company famous for great multiplayer in their games and as you may have guessed this is one of the best multiplayer releases this year. It got the usual ranking system from the first game and now it got more reasons to rank up. The tactical destruction is a main part of the multiplayer that you're going to miss when it's gone. I can't play games like Modern Warfare 2 since i played my first game of  Bad Company 2. The destruction is giving the game a whole new tactical view over the battlefield. If an enemy is hiding in a building just blow a hole in the wall and dispose of him in a safe way. The unfortunate part of the multiplayer is the fact that sometimes you can get onto servers with 3-4 people playing even though there is a lot of soldiers out on the battlefield. 
 Okay now i'm going to write a small thing about graphics. This game is using the inhouse developed frostbite engine and gives the game an awesome graphical standpoint. But there is a few flaws with the frostbite engine form my view. First one is that if your'e playing on a standard def tv the game is pretty dark on the original settings. I've tried out my xbox with 4 different SD Tv's and i need to sit for 3-5 minutes trying out different settings to get it okay. The second flaw is that why is there so much fog on every map? If your trying to use a sniper on some multiplayer maps you can't se further then 20 feet and on some you can see the end of the map on the other side. 

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