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Good Solid Shooting

Ok, so this review's really late (I forgot I hadn't written one for BFBC2 already so here it is). Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a first person shooter set somewhere in the near future where Russia invades the US. Or something stupid like that but that's not the point. The singleplayer side of BC2 isn't even worth a second glance, while the multiplayer is simply stunning. Dice outdid every other developer over the last ten years with their MP experiance. For a shooter this game knows how to play. The sheer scale and destructability of maps is nothing short of awesome and the gameplay backs it up. 
The graphics of BC2 may be bland colors of sand and shit and whatever else, but the sand and shit looks amazing, the textures are excellent and on pc the game doesnt sacrifice it's framerate for it, whereas if you pick up and xbox copy your frames get cut to thirty and yeah fuck that. From each piece of dirt to the guns and other player, the game looks sweet. 
The gameplay of BC2 is excellent, with great controls and superb handling, it does a great job making your jaw drop when buildings explode next to you or a tank rolls through the wall beside you. The guns in FPS games are usually my biggest complaint, but in BC2, they're great. Weapons have kick, power, and operate like you'd expect them to. Sound as well makes this game what it is. Shit sounds LOUD, and it's about goddamn time. 
There was this expansion that came out a while ago, Vietnam or something, but I', not going to even bother going over it, because as far as i'm concerned, IN MY OPINION, it was fucking terrible and disappointing. 
One more thing before I go back to playing, the maps in BC2 may be decent, but they're overused to an extreme and become boring after the tenth time playing them, so I do have to knock a star off for that, but still, the game stands out over any shooter on the market right now. fuckin all hail BF3

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