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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Review 2

 I have been a fan of the Battlefield series since the very beginning and this is an amazing edition. The multiplayer is basically what I asked for in a Battlefield game. Which is war-like combat on a huge map, scattered with  vehicles, and just that old school Battlefield feel. It really brought me back to those old days from Battlefield 2 for PC. In this they brought back the conquest mode which is basically when the map is covered with 3-5 points that your team needs to capture and hold. It i...

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Bad Company can be good 0

Since dropping the controller after my first play of Battlefield: Bad Company, it was hard for me to look back. Sure the destruction was great, but the lackluster movement, and no following of online by any of my friends left something to be desired. Then the demo for Bad Company 2 dropped. Things changed, and in a good way. The squad-based element is even more accentuated with this rounds attempt, and for good reason. The vehicle transportation/combat system has been greatly improved upon and r...

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Bad Company Back For More 3

        Battle Field Bad Company 2 is a big step up from the first game. As far as the story goes it is very entertaining and comical at times. The single player I believe is a huge improvement when compared to the first Bad Company. In the first game the story was mediocre and silly for the most part. There would be times during a mission where you could be driving around on a golf cart and not be shot at by anyone.                      Bad Company 2 on the other hand has a more serious approa...

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Thrilling multiplayer with comparatively awful single player 0

The Battlefield games have always been about offering a solid team-based multiplayer experience. This game takes that formula and builds upon it, putting you in a squad of four on two teams of 16 (I play it on PC, your version may differ). Add to it weapons that can be customised and an objective mode (Rush), as well as the standard Battlefield mode, Conquest and it is a solid formula for fun. In addition, there is a deathmatch mode that no one plays and there are few servers up to even try it. ...

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One of the funnest FPS's I ever played 0

Battlefield Bad Company does a rare thing. Dice was able to combine realism (such as the fact that bullets are affected by gravity) and game techniques (health packs) to create a fun, yet fairly realistic FPS that delivers. Also as a final touch it offers a great campaign. The Realism in BF:BC2 is amazing. The environment is in depth right down to every grain of sand. Unlike other FPS's their is a whole engine designed so that you can ravage a house after a few to many frags hit it. Also if you ...

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A Solid FPS that Loses the Humor of the First 0

Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a solid first person shooter that improves upon the first game in the series in almost every way except on the story aspect. Ironically it was the story from the first game that really drew me into it. At the end of the first game our heroes drive off into the sunset, literally with their new found treasure. This second game picks up though the our protagonists back in the army, trudging it out in the mud again for some unknown reason. At no point is it explained to ...

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DICE nails Single Player 0

 DICE's console-centric Bad Company makes its return in the aptly titled Bad Company 2.EA has quietly built the best collection of FPS developers in the business. They have DICE, Criterion (who are still, allegedly, going to make a Black sequel), Respawn (the former Infinity Ward guys), and the upcoming Epic/People Can Fly gem Bulletstorm all under their banner at present. It's a Murderer's Row of gaming that has not been matched, possibly, ever (and I'm still hoping...admittedly, it isn'...

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Unfortunate 0

I had high hopes for this game, i loved the first bad company.  The first game had it's flaws sure but it where a different experience from other games in the same genre. This review is going to be a both a comparison towards the first game and other games in the same genre.  SINGLEPLAYER The singleplayer part of the game is the disappointing part of the game for sure. The first bad company game had a special feeling when you sat down to play. Even though it was a hidden linear experience,BC2 is...

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What a online shooter should be. 0

The good: Beautiful graphics - Sharp sound - Weapons feel great - Short but always fun campaign - Tons of vehicles.The bad: Not a lot of game modes - Some odd glitches and bugs.As in the first bad company you play as Preston Marlowe, perhaps the most normal of the four soldiers in your squad.Aside from Marlowe the other three from Bad company return, Haggard: The funny guy that always looks on the bright side, Sweeter-water: kind of Haggards side kick but tends to be pessimistic, And Sarge: Who...

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Sniping, Overview 0

This is definitely more of a "thinking man's game" compared to call of duty, in as much as lining up your sights and adjusting for fall/etc. Head shots feel SO more rewarding, in a great way. The single player is short (I beat it in a night) but didn't want me wanting any more, it felt like the same formula that's been used since Medal of Honor with sarcasm added. The destructible elements in the world definitely make a huge difference from a tactical perspective and in terms of having fun as we...

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the CoD killer 0

I played this game for the first time on my PC, and it got me hooked. For starters, the game looks great. They made some nice changes to the engine from the first one, and it runs very well. The maps are large and detailed, but they arent many people online anymore, so unfortunately a lot of time in these maps is spent running around trying to find stuff to shoot. Im sure this wasnt a problem when it came out, but its still a bummer for people like me who arent a fan of the direction DICE went w...

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Great Multiplayer, Solid Single player. 0

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 makes its first appearance onto the PC with quite success. BFBC2 is a direct sequel to DICE's popular game Battlefield: Bad Company. DICE advertised Bad Company as having a full-fleshed singleplayer campaign (a new addition to the Battlefield universe) and action packed multiplayer that Battlefield is known for. While the single player received fair reviews, it was the multiplayer that made Bad Company so popular. Now with Battlefield: Bad Company 2, was DICE able to ...

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A single player focused review. 0

  Yet another FPS game that I plowed through.+'sThe dialog is fantasmical Not the story. . . well, partially the story because I guess the dialog is what's progressing the story. . . but mostly the dialog between the characters in Bad Company is excellent. There were times that I actually laughed out loud listening to some of the crap these guys were saying to each other. Prolly the best part about this game is some of the banter that goes on between the members of your party.Destructable ...

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 0

The game is absolutely excellent. The single player has a very interesting story to it, as you play through the different areas of the world. But what is the most exciting is the multi-player. This game has been one of the best I've played and I am enjoying it very well. The multi-player lets me get a sense of teamwork and what might not be done if you do not cooperate. Even though there are many noobs, you can still enjoy the game by joining hardcore servers or other private servers that may no...

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My Kind of Modern Warfare 0

I rated Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) with 5-stars under the impression that other people would like it, and not under the context that I do, because the game is simply that good. However when it comes to Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (B:BC2) I am allowed a little room to breathe while playing most of the maps, however sniper fire is nastier in return. DICE took a great bit of what made Battlefield 1943 so good and incorporated it into a $60 game with more features and a great leveling system similar to g...

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This is :D 0

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Mini Review 0

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Mini Review General Description: In Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the Bad Company crew again find themselves in the heart of the action, where they must use every weapon and vehicle at their disposal to survive. The action unfolds with unprecedented intensity, introducing a level of fervor to vehicular warfare never before experienced in a modern warfare action game.The 'B' company fight their way through snowy mountaintops, dense jungles and dusty villages. With a hea...

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Review 0

If you mentioned the phrase “modern warfare” to a PC gamer 5 years ago, it is likely only one title would spring to mind. It sure as hell wasn’t Call of Duty either.  Battlefield 2 is widely regarded as one of the best, if not the best, first person online shooter ever made.  Over 100,000 players are usually still online every day, half a decade after the game’s release. While the subsequent game in the franchise- Battlefield 2142- improved many of the series’ mechanics, it never met the same cr...

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with Bad Company you're in good company 0

 Like a motor car powered by rockets Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is bigger, better, faster and more explosive than its previous incarnation. The battlefield series has always been known for its online multiplayer and with the bad company series Swedish developer Dice brought a single player campaign into the mix with some success. Bad Company is was very much a Black comedy and bad Company 2 is no different, while the core of the story is of war and strife the mood is lightened by the won...

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PieGuy's Bad Company 2 Review 0

  I was initially on the fence as to whether I should buy this game; despite having a strong dislike for the highly disappointing MW2 I was wary that Bad Company 2’s online multiplayer would flop just like the first. Thankfully my uncertainties were misplaced as this is one of my favourite online experiences to date.   The game is also comprises a single player campaign so I’ll leave the best till last and will start by addressing the single-player. If you are buying this game with the expecta...

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Still Battlefield, still great. 0

There's no reason to hide the fact the Battlefield franchise is one of the most popular and widely successful game series ever seen, and the people over at DICE sure knows how to make great games. Bad Company 2 is not different in that regard, but is this really the game we were all waiting for, or should we rather keep waiting for a possible Battlefield 3? The first Bad Company game was, as I've come to understand, initially planned to be the console counterpart to run along side with the main...

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Battlefield: Bad Ass Company 2 0

This game is awesome. I have played for many hours and it is still very fun. The singleplayer is good but it is pretty short. It is entertaining for about 6-8 hours but isn't where the game shines. It feels almost like an introduction to the multiplayer. Like a tutorial trying to prepare you to be hardcore enough to survive online. If you like the singleplayer destruction, it is 10 times more satisfying on multiplayer. There is nothing better than taking down a building that enemies are hiding i...

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  First a little back ground The Battlefield series of games has had had an prestigious history, staring in 2002 with the hit Battlefied 1942 the game had two expansions and two spin offs one in 1960’s Vietnam War and the other in the future with Battlefield 2142 which had an expansion of its own.   The Battlefield series switch to a modern setting in 2005 with Battlefield 2 (Modern Combat on consoles) with 3 expansion packs.   In a change of pace EA decided to make a console only game called B...

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mulltiplayer heaven 0

well what can i say... this has to be in my opinion the best multiplayer game on the 360 since gears of war 2.dont get me wrong there have been many other good online games on the 360 but i feel this just offers that little bit more. i guess its the squad aspect i most like because it isnt each and everybody going all out, ok you could but you dont really get rewarded for it like in other games such as mw2. this game to me is enjoyable and for me a lifespan of more than a week. the only thing th...

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In this review I make some comparisons to Modern Warfare 2. 0

 My review:Battlefield Bad Company 2 is kind of a mixed bag for me. I played through the campaign and it was... really a bit of a disappointment. They seemed to really strip out all of the... open worldiness that you would expect in a Battlefield game. I never played the original Bad Company, so I dunno how that campaign was, but BC2's is just... kinda fucking bland and lifeless. Everything's tight and scripted, except for that one open level in the desert, but even that was very limited and bor...

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Play it NOW! - Battlefield: Bad Company 2 0

Play it NOW! - Battlefield: Bad Company 2        The boys of bad company are back, and they are ‘in it to win it’ in this high octane sequel from DICE. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 comes from a long line of first person shooters. Like its predecessor, it changes the Battlefield formula by creating a story with memorable characters. Having not played the first Battlefield (shame on me), I was not familiar with the returning cast members. Perhaps this was a good thing. Haggard, Sweetwater, Sergean...

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An awesome game that has given MW2 a run for it's money. 0

When I picked this game up from the local store on release date, I was expecting big things. For starters, DICE had already impressed me with both the first game in the 'Bad Company' spin-off games, and Battlefield 1943. Both of these games were just amazing multiplayer shooters that set a standard for large, open warfare. Now, the sequel to 2007's Battlefield entry has come out. This game has heavily refined everything that made the first game so great. A new campaign featuring the same charact...

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Intense with Humor 0

So a friend recommended this game to me so I decided to pay the 30 dollars and buy it. At first I wasn't to excited since I have been disappointed with war games in the past. However, I found this game to be very catchy and exciting. It has a good story line and it isn't the same thing over and over. It has some humor thrown in it which I absolutely love. It has its intense moments and the moments were you can have a laugh. The multiplayer is pretty entertaining. Overall this game has a good sco...

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great for couples, not so much for the sexy singles 0

The fIrst thing I have to admit is that I have played BF:BC2 multiplayer an absolute shit ton, but this does not mean the game is perfect. The single player is fun but it just feels lacking. Witty banter between the characters is still there but in too small of doses. Story in the game is throw away, but all in all I still had a blast with it. The multiplayer (gasp) is F*&#ing Awesome. I have never had so many great video game moments in any other multiplayer games. As you can tell, I am no...

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