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Battllefield Bad Company: You Smell Clean

Battlefield Bad Company: You Smell Clean

                When DICE was bought by EA most gamers predicted the end of quality. The end of a good Battlefield series. What these gamers failed to realize is two things; one, that all games have bugs and two, the Battlefield series has had the same bugs since 1942. With various releases on the console though it seemed as if the Battlefield series would never get the jump start to be a winner regardless of what they crafted. Now it seems they have a winner on their hands and it’s Battlefield Bad Company.

                Unlike most other Battlefield games, even ones created solely for the pc, Battlefield Bad Company contains a story and character driven single player.  Now we know, or I assume you the reader know that the BF series is a first person shooter, so you may be have already written this off as just “another shooter.” Don’t think that closed minded though, this game has some redeeming qualities. Blowing shit up for example. Do you like to blow shit up? Because I like to blow shit up. In the arsenal provided to you there are grenade launchers/grenades or rocket launchers, artillery support, laser guided bombs and the such. With these many high explosives provided to you one can’t help but try it out on a house. So when you light that grenade launcher up with your worst enemies house and let’er rip, you not only destroy the façade of the house but also the enemy within.  Understand that the explosions and carnage one deals within this game can’t be described fully in a review.  Decimated houses, exploding cargo ships, exploding barrels, flipping trucks, ripping apart tanks, these are just a few of my favorite things from the game.  Well other than blowing shit up, there are also collectables and gold to find in each level, so if you don’t mind some searching and spelunking then go for it. Personally I didn’t because I was playing the game just for the carnage and the story. Oh yes there is a story and it has two levels, the heavy, deep, and profound and then the superficial humor provided solely by Haggard and Sweetwater. Both of which are memorable characters. During cut scenes you will often see those two performing shenanigans in the background for your juvenile entertainment. The story itself while at times seems corny, makes for a good A movie storyline, although at times it is, as said, lack luster.

                The Battlefield series wasn’t known for single player experiences and has, at it’s core, always been a multiplayer frag fest. It is no different with this game and considering the fact that the multiplayer brings the same carnage as the single player, who can complain? The new Gold Rush mode is fantastic and more exhilarating because you will often get some very intense or close calls concerning defenders and attackers.  Also, like BF2 and 2142 a unlock and ranking system has been implemented with the same pedigree as before.  Honestly, I don’t feel the multiplayer needs to be discussed much because if you’ve played BF2142, BF2, or BF1942 it hasn’t changed much, just become more streamlined and pretty.

                Well what are the final thoughts on Battlefield Bad Company? Should everyone buy it? Well yes of course. It has a fun and memorable single player experience, albeit may be a tad short for some.  The multiplayer is there, just lacking Conquest mode which is supposed to appear once they patch the game. Other than some graphical glitches and the usual bugs expected from a DICE/EA Battlefield game it really is top-notch and I can only hope that BF3 for the pc will be better. In the end, DICE finally found the formula for a good BF game on the console, part pc and part console makes it a winner!

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