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I just like it when stuff blows up..

    If you've played and enjoyed Battlefield: Modern Combat multiplayer then you know exactly what to expect with Bad Company. Dice takes battlefield games to a whole new level with Bad Company both with the new comedic spin on a squad of soldiers sent out before the real army to do some initial damage and basically, not get in the way. But simultaneously redefining the war game genre for all games to come.

    Let's start with visual & audio presentation. Visually Battlefield Bad Company is nothing less from what you would expect from a next gen game, and thats a good thing but it also comes with slight frame rate drops, nothing too major though. It's the audio that really brings the battlefield to life, I dare say it's the best sound I've heard in a video game, ever. The crisp sound of a shell exploding on a nearby wall as your running past will make you jump. Playing with surround sound is indescribable and can liven up any room, or neighborhood.

    Basic gameplay is the same as Battlefield: Modern Combat, fun. All the previous classes are present as well as vehicles, including new helicopter types refreshing the variety of different scenario's that can play out in a multiplayer game. Even if you are playing the same mode, every game will feel different depending on what you and your team do. A straight forward ranking system is also a refinement which is good because 5 star general was just a bit too much, DICE.

    The foundation of Bad Company which I haven't even touched on is the Frostbite Engine which introduces something that hasn't been on console war games (surprisingly!) Destructible buildings and environment just enhance the battlefield feeling and is present in both single player and multiplayer respectively. Although single player wasn't the main focus, it's rather hard to tell as the voice acting and character personalities are great and brings in a new spin on generic war game stories.

After doing all of that. I dare say Battlefield: Bad Company is far under rated. It surprises me that doing almost nothing new for next gen games except putting "modern" in its title, Call of Duty 4 gets the spotlight as the front runner of war games and is donned more realistic than Bad Company. Because having super powers (perks) like reloading faster than the eye can blink and shooting through thick steel walls is realistic, yeah, right.

The Closure: Battlefield Bad Company redefines the whole modern warfare genre and leaves so called "front runners" of the genre (COD4) looking like last-gen games. Must-buy for war game fans.

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