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Great All-around Package

That the multiplayer in Battlefield: Bad Company is better than its single player really says a lot, seeing as the latter is truly a high quality affair. While there is no amazing storyline to be found, the dialogue is humorous and entertaining throughout and the action is always satisfying, particularly when it comes to blowing holes in the game's destructible buildings.

What makes the multiplayer so compelling for me is that it combines all the best of the single player action, including the huge environments, destructible buildings and control of land, air and water vehicles and fuses it with two interesting team-based modes, which are given longevity by way of player rankings and unlockable weapons.  To top it all off, the game's visuals are top notch in both the single and multiplayer modes.

As a multiplayer FPS, I'd say Bad Company ranks in the top three on the XBOX 360 and as such I'd easily recommend it to anyone interested in the genre.

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