Is this game worth $9.99?

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A Battlefield sale is going on right now on the Xbox One. I have all the other Battlefield games, but I've never played Hardline. Do you think it's worth checking out at that price? I'd be playing it mainly for the campaign, but I'm sure my brother would be checking out the multiplayer side of it.

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EA Access is $4.99 might as well just get that for a month and play Hardline that way. Also they have all the Dead Space games available and Titanfall 2 so once you get bored of Hardline you can play those.

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@zombie2011: Already have all the Dead Space games (on multiple systems) and played them a dozen times and have and played Titanfall 2. Most recently checked it out on my 4K TV to see how it looks. So, I don't want to play those right now. I don't really want to sign up for EA access for a month to play Hardline. I just want to know if it's worth buying for ten bucks.

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For me, 9.99 is cheap enough it’s worth just buying the game rather than spending too long thinking about it. Hardline is nothing special, but it’s okay enough that you will probably get your money’s worth.

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If you enjoyed the other Battlefield campaigns sure, it was better than the last two Dice ones but thats a pretty low bar in my opinion. It's a bit more stealth focused though, which is weird for a frachise that typically deals with chaos. The multiplayer had some cool ideas but there were very few people playing it on the Xbox last time I checked which was a few months after it came out.

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its not worth it. the game is plain bad and battlefield v is coming out. they've also announced a free premium upgrade for BF1. If your time is a factor than this is not worth it.

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At ten bucks, definitely. I played it nonstop for like three weeks and then dropped it. Like mentioned above, only problem is if people still playing it.

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If you like playing a campaign and you thought "The Shield" tv show was good, then $10 is ok.

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I thought it might be dumb fun, but it’s been on sale on Xbox One several times for $4.99 and I’ve always passed on it.

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I'll always stand by Hardline. Yeah, it's tone deaf and very different from other BF games, but dammit, it's fun. Hotwire mode is grossly underrated, and the campaign is wildly silly in a way that really appeals to me.

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#11 Posted by DanishingAct (414 posts) -

@shagge: Same. Really enjoyed it, shame it got such a bad rap.

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