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    Battlefield V

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Nov 15, 2018

    Battlefield V sees the series return to a World War II setting for the first time in nearly a decade.

    guip1408's Battlefield V (PC) review

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    The Ultimate Battlefield Game, right?

    First of all let me say, I really like this game, it's the best feeling Battlefield game ever. The running and shooting has never been this good, and I'm a big FPS player, this game is on another level when it comes to that. But that said, I can't give it 5 stars because it launched too rough around the edges, with a number of bugs, things like trying to respawn on a unfortunate time, trying to quit games or having the menu open when the match starts, and a absurdly horribly balanced map for conquest (the main mode for BF fans), where they kind of tried to implement two game modes together, and ended up making a map where 99% of the time the defense team wins. And they could've done something about it by this point.

    So, the game: If you take Battlefield 1 for instance, I always felt like the classes were not that balanced, mostly because the weapons are too old in the WW1 setting, making the difference in damage between them enormous, and over valuing the vehicles. And in the other hand, if you take Battlefield 4, that I liked more the most people did, I felt like it tried too much, it was all about you demolishing every wall on the map, making the maps feel all bad, having every type of weapon and item that could exist, with some over the top helicopters. Making me feel like it didn't matter if I'm good at aiming and shooting, the game doesn't reward that as much.

    But now, the game hit a perfect balance, it is basically BF1 with more powerful weapons, and DICE is pretty aware of that, you can see by the fact that alot of players are mad that you "die too fast", it's because the weapons in the previous game s*cked! The game doesn't limit you to just the historically accurate weapon design, it let's you customize in many ways, with some different scopes that it didn't exist at the time. As well as having a upgrade tree for each weapon, making them feel even better. The vehicles don't feel the most powerful thing in the world, in most maps they're fair to deal with.

    And that's the number 1 thing that the game has done right, at least in my opinion, how "fair" it is. Now you can really separate the players by how good they are. You feel the impact that you can have if you're a good player having a good day, you can kill enemies with a spray with a good assault weapon. Assault was the class that they buffed the most it feels, now you have powerful assault-rifles to choose from, you just need a good aim and you're good to go, while feeling helpful. You have infinite healing with the medic (now your health doesn't recover to 100% unless you have a health package) and good close range combat, the support has infinite ammo supply (ammo also has been change, becoming more limited, making you scrap for crate supplies on points or with your teammates that are playing support) and the sniper, that in my opinion was the strongest class in the previous game, is kind of the same when it comes to the damage you can do, but the weapons feel more modern, with less bullet drop, and you have more utility to work with, some cool new items/gadgets.

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