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My favorite FPS for the PC ever

A couple of years ago, I bought a collection of Battlefield games that included and this happened to be one of them.  I heard about this game from my friend who is ironically Vietnamese.  Anyways, this was my first true PC FPS and I absolutely loved it.  No other online FPS has captivated me as much as this one.

So basically this is like any other PC Battlefield game in the sense that the single player is meaningless and the multiplayer is where the fun is at.  I was instantly hooked with all the different aspects of the game including the weapons, maps, and even the loading screens were awesome featuring awesome songs from the era of the war.  The weapons are very varied and feature such sweet weapons as a Plantation Knife, Punji sticks, mortars and more.  The primary weapons are also great.  The maps were not only varied but some of the best I've ever played in.  They ranged from city streets to jungle to even tunnels.  One of my favorite things I loved to do in the game was load my little Jeep with C4 and then drive it into unuspecting tanks while jumping out to avoid ceratin death. 

The only thing I had a real problem with in the game was the crazy amount of spawn camping.  Some people in that game are way too good at the helicopter and use it to camp spawns with mad skill. 

Overall I loved that game very much and I will always cherish that game despite not having played it in a while.  This game features good music, great, big, varied maps, unique weapons, and the superb gameplay you expect from the Battlefield franchise.

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