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    Battlelog is a social networking website that debuted alongside Battlefield 3. It also serves as the new DICE game-server browser.

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    Overview is a free social networking website that will launch alongside Battlefield 3. It will launch for the PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3. Everything you do on the battlefield is shared on your wall amongst your friends, and (like most current social network apps) players can "like", comment, and post messages. The system will also track and coalesce all statistics that the game records.

    Server Browser

    Server Browser
    Server Browser

    DICE has decided to overhaul their server browsing system by implementing the feature in their new Battlefield-related website,

    According to DICE, the browser being located on a webpage allows it to be constantly refreshed and fast, and allows the browser filters to be applied more efficiently. Since the players will have to use this outside browser rather than having it inside the game, the game was heavily modified in a way that will allow it to close and launch almost instantly, without the traditional splash screens and long loading times.

    Stat Tracking


    Battlelog will have soldier progression, bringing full stat tracking for every shot fired and every action performed in your Battlefield career. A full leaderboard has also been implemented to track stats locally, among your friends, and globally. Battlelog will track stats such as:

    • Rank
    • Accuracy
    • Win/lose ratio
    • K/D ratio
    • Time played
    • Score per minute
    • Top weapons
    • Multiplayer scores
    • Latest awards

    Social Networking

    The "Battlefeed"

    Battlelog will have a Facebook like comment system which allows user comments to be left on any action posted in the feed. An instant messaging system called ComCenter will allow you to get in touch with friends quickly. Any player that logs into Battlelog will see an activity feed called the Battlefeed, which shows a real-time snapshot of what your network of friends are doing in the game, displaying things such as ranks obtained, rewards unlocked, and communications sent.

    Platoons are clan like groups that can be used by players to find their friends and have them join the platoon. Platoon stats can be tracked.

    Dog tags

    Players will be able to create and edit their own personal dog tags. Dog tags can be personalized with interesting designs. Dog tags designs are unlocked through ranking up through the progression system in the multiplayer.


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