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    BattleTanx: Global Assault

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Aug 31, 1999

    3DO's fast-paced tank combat game returns, bringing a variety of new tanks throughout both the United States and Europe.

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    BattleTanx: Global Assault is a sci-fi tank combat game developed and published by 3DO for the Nintendo 64 in North America on August 31, 1999. It was later released in Europe on April 2000 and was released for the Sony PlayStation on February 29, 2000 (June 30, 2000 in Europe).

    The sequel to the 1999 game BattleTanx, Global Assault adds a wide assortment of new playable tanks (bringing the total up to 11), a new assortment of levels spanning both United States and Europe, new multiplayer game modes, and a more detailed story with cutscenes.

    The game is set in post-apocalyptic near-future 2006, five years after Griffin Spade rescued his fiancée Madison from the armies of the "Dark Alliance" and ruled the city of San Francisco as Battlelord. When a mysterious Queen Lord threatens Griffin's family and mind-controls his own army using the mysterious power of the "Edge", Griffin and Madison must travel throughout both the United States and Europe and amass a new army to defeat her.



    • M1A1 - Standard medium-grade tank with a basic tank cannon.
    • Goliath - Heavyweight tanks with additional armor and a more powerful tank cannon. Can be rail-mounted for increased side-to-side movement and firing speed.
    • Moto-Tank - Lightweight motorcycle tanks with more nimble mobility, smaller frame, and twin-mounted machine guns.
    • Inferno -
    • HoverTank -
    • Hornet -
    • Marksman -
    • Rhino -
    • Hydra -
    • Rattler -
    • FLP-E Tank -


    Some weapons have a hidden "super shot", which deploys a more powerful version (that uses up all of its reserves) if activated when the player has an overabundance of it in reserves.

    • Bouncing Betty
    • Cloaking
    • Flamethrower
    • Grenades
    • Guided Missiles
    • Gun Buddies
    • Lasers
    • Mines
    • Nuke
    • Plasma Bolts
    • Radar
    • Shields
    • Swarmers
    • Teleporter


    1. San Francisco - SF Airport
    2. San Francisco - SF Breakout
    3. Arizona - Truck Stop
    4. Texas - Texas Slave Fortress
    5. Route 66 - Drive In
    6. Washington DC - DC Mall
    7. Washington DC - White House
    8. London - Houses of Parliament
    9. London - Tower Bridge
    10. London - Tower of London
    11. Paris - Bistro
    12. Paris - Champs Elysee
    13. Paris - Eiffel Tower
    14. Germany - Brandenburg Gate
    15. Germany - Berlin War Zone
    16. Germany - Escape From Berlin
    17. San Francisco - Assault on SF
    18. San Francisco - Alcatraz

    Once the campaign is completed, players can play a hidden mission taking place on the SF Breakout level. Titled "Shore Patrol", players only have access to the unique "Attack Boat" vehicle (which functions like the M1A1, only functioning on water instead of land).


    Game Modes

    All game modes support teamplay, and free-for-all for most modes can only be played by assigning each player to their own separate team color (Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow). Convoy mode must be played with two teams: Protector and Attacker.

    Annihilation mode does not return from the original.

    • Deathmatch - Standard deathmatch. First team to defeat 10 enemy tanks wins.
    • Battlelord - Capture the Flag mode with QueenLords instead of flags. Unlike CTF modes in other games, players must "capture" all of the opposing Queen Lords at once by bringing them to their fortresses and can recover them. Players have an additional Goliath tank on a rail at their bases (which can be controlled manually at any time). First team to have all Queen Lords in their bases wins.
    • Frenzy - New addition. Neutral Queen Lords appear in random spots around the arena, and must be picked up. First team to pick up 10 Queen Lords wins.
    • Hold-Em - New addition. Battlelord with a twist: one neutral Queen Lord spawns in the center of the arena and must be "captured" in a team's fortress for 30 seconds to win.
    • Tank Wars - New addition. Deathmatch mode with a time limit instead of a kill limit. The team with the highest killcount after 3 minutes wins.
    • Convoy - New addition. Players are split into two teams: Protector and Attacker.
    • Family Mode - Deathmatch mode, simplified for quicker matches and inexperienced players. Gang Selection is disabled (with all players spawning with the same faction) and only one Fire button is used (which prioritizes activating Items over firing the main cannon).


    Outside of Family Mode, each player picks one of 12 squadrons, or "Gangs" (with two of them hidden behind a cheat code). Each Gang has their own set of five tanks, which they cycle through at any order before the roster refreshes. In addition, each Gang spawn their tank with their specific Item (which for the Cold Warriors, appears at random).

    • Cold Warriors (Nuke) - Hornet x2, Marksman, Rhino, Goliath
    • Crimson Guard (Plasma Bolts) - Inferno x2, Moto, Hover, Goliath
    • Dark Angels (Cloaking) - Rhino x2, Inferno, M1A1, Goliath
    • Griffin's Army (Gun Buddies) - M1A1 x2, Inferno, Hover, Goliath
    • Iron Maidens (Shields) - Goliath x2, M1A1, FLP-E, Rhino
    • Les Miserables (Swarmers) - Hydra x2, Moto, Inferno, Rattler
    • Madison's Militia (Guided Missiles + Health) - FLP-E x2, Moto, Rattler, Rhino
    • Shadow Ops (Teleport) - Hover x2, Marksman, FLP-E, Rhino
    • Skull Riderz (Grenades + Mines) - Moto x2, Inferno, Rattler, Hornet
    • Storm Ravens (Laser + Turbo) - Rattler x2, Moto, FLP-E, Hover

    Unlockable through cheat codes:

    • Brandon's Gang (?) - ?
    • Cassandra's Gang (?) - ?

    In addition, a special "Custom Gang" cheat code allows players to use random passwords to determine their assortment of tanks and starting Item.



    • San Francisco - Alcatraz
    • San Francisco - Assault
    • San Francisco - Panhandle
    • San Francisco - SFO
    • Arizona - Truck Stop
    • Texas - Slave Fortress
    • Route 66 - Drive In
    • Washington DC - Mall
    • Washington DC - White House


    • London - Parliament
    • London - Tower
    • Paris - Bistro
    • Paris - Champs Elysees
    • Paris - Crossfire
    • Paris - Eiffel Tower
    • Paris - Lakepark
    • Germany - Berlin War Zone
    • Germany - Brandenburg Gate
    • Germany - Escape From Berlin
    • Germany - Railyard

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