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    BattleTech: The Crescent Hawk's Inception

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Nov 04, 1988

    The Inner Sphere will never be the same for Jason Youngblood, who must fulfill his destiny as a MechWarrior if he is to save his planet and find his father.

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    The first BattleTech videogame.

    The Crescent Hawks' Inception (officially misspelled as Hawk's) puts players into the shoes of Jason Youngblood, son of Jeremiah Youngblood.  Jeremiah is the captain of the security forces and a member of the elite unit of MechWarriors known as the Crescent Hawks.  Jason lives at the barracks near the House Steiner Citadel on planet Pacifica, a military city where he trains to become a MechWarrior, the pilots of the fearsome BattleMechs.

    Jason can't get by simply by riding on the success of his father - the player must earn C-bills on the stock market and invest the money into improving their character.  Players can have Jason learn how to use weapons by taking courses at the Citadel (improves proficiency with weapons), take an apprenticeship at the Mechit-Lube garage (improves tech skill), and buy weapons and armour from a completely legitimate shop in town.  It is up to the player to improve Jason's skills while managing his money.

    Life at the military installation is not particularly amusing for Jason.  He doesn't get along with people at the barracks and has bad dreams when he tries to sleep, the mechanics at the Mechit-Lube laugh at him, he does not fit in with the crowd at the lounge, his peers laugh at him when he fails training missions, instructors do not cut him any slack, and he is not taken seriously at the Citadel.  Katrina Steiner herself reminds him to keep taking his training courses.

    During one of his 'Mech training exercises (usually after the fifth mission), the planet is invaded by the dastardly Draconis Combine and the entire city is destroyed, including the Citadel.  Jason assumes that the important people of the Citadel (government, etc.) have escaped to the spaceport, and his father with them.  If players are skillful and lucky enough, the 'Mech they used in the training mission can survive the attack, which obviously is hugely advantageous when exploring the overworld and just plain not dying in general.  This is also the only way to obtain the Chameleon BattleMech, the vehicle with the most weaponry in the game.  The Chameleon available for use in the training missions is the only one in the entire game.

    Jason escapes and reaches the starport, where he can buy weapons and armour and make money on the stock market, like he did at the Citadel.  However, he fails to find his father, and walking around in his Lyran Commonwealth uniform will trigger random violent encounters with the Dracs in the starport.  (Admittedly, the encounters are a source of money and entertainment, assuming the player is sufficiently armed and armoured to survive the frequent attacks.)  To not attract attention to himself, he visits a clothing store and gets some civilian duds.

    Another money-making opportunity at the starport (besides for the stock market) is the 'Mech Arena, where Jason puts his skills to the test against other MechWarriors for money.  It is not recommended to bring Jason's commandeered 'Mech into the Arena because it can be destroyed or have damage inflicted upon it that cannot be repaired by anyone in the game.  If players wish to try their hands at the Arena, they should rent a 'Mech from the Arena first.  Renting a 'Mech sometimes results in the players being given an UrbanMech.  It's their best and pretty much only chance in the game to pilot an UrbanMech.  During Arena combat, players can target the grandstands on the left of the field and destroy a portion of the wall, escaping through it with their stolen 'Mech.  Doing so will prevent the player from ever being able to return to the starport, possibly preventing the story from progressing.

    At the starport, Jason watches as the new government (that of the Kurita invaders) is inaugurated.  He meets a man named Rex Pearce who is a friend of Jason's father as well as a member of the Crescent Hawks.  Jeremiah Youngblood had discovered a hidden cache of Star League technology which the Draconis Combine desperately wants to get their hands on; hence the invasion of planet Pacifica.  Jason's father left him a holodisc containing the access codes to the cache, but it is damaged in combat.

    Together, Jason and Rex must explore Pacifica, fighting off Kurita forces while recruiting new members into the Crescent Hawks, as well as reenlisting former members.  There are several different characters who can join the party, each bringing their own skills to the Hawks, including a mechanic/technician and a doctor.  The party members will appear in different places each time you start a new game and some won't be there at all.  Sometimes one might be in the jail, other times, you might find one at the city in the southwest.  One of the party members might turn out to be a Kurita double-agent, so exercise caution.  Eventually, the Hawks meet an inventor who repairs Jason's father's damaged holodisc, and the team heads off towards the Star League cache, Draconis Combine forces in pursuit.

    The cache is a maze of security doors and computer terminals.  Among the Star League tech discovered there is the Phoenix Hawk LAM (Land-Air 'Mech) that was piloted by Jeremiah Youngblood, but he is not there.  Jason is able to power up some communications equipment and call for help to survive the Kurita attack.  Katrina Steiner herself arrives with a heavily-armed dropship and the Kurita attack fails.

    Jason and his party survive, the Star League cache is secured, the Crescent Hawks are together again (with new members, too), Jason has earned Katrina Steiner's respect and proven himself as a commander, and the Lyran Commonwealth have successfully driven the Kurita invaders from the planet Pacifica.  But Jeremiah Youngblood is nowhere to be found.

    His fate will have to wait until BattleTech: The Crescent Hawks' Revenge...

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