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Fair warning: in its current state, Battletech does seem to have a number of technical issues for many purchasers, including a reported memory-leak and issues with save-game deletion.

That said, the core gameplay and fundamental mechanics of Battletech are solid and fun -- I can definitely see the legacy of Firaxis' XCOM as well as the older MechCommander games, and (most importantly to board-game-geeks like me) a faithfulness to the actual Battletech boardgame gives me an uncomfortable urge to buy old pewter mech miniatures to paint up (and then have collect dust on the shelf).

I have no doubt Hare-Brained Schemes (the developers) will resolve the technical issues in time, and, excitingly, the devs have stated that they would love to launch an "Invasion of the Clans" expansion one day in the future, so I thought that it would be a good idea for all us like-minded mechwarriors have a place to list our Callsigns and organize some MP battles (perhaps even tournaments in the future).

I'll set up a Discord for all interested to join later today, as well. For now, feel free to post your Steam IDs/Battletech Profile Callsigns so that we can match up online for hot, laser-y death!

My Steam IDs and in-game Callsign are both DasaKamov. Hope to meet up with other GB Mechwarriros on the battlefield!

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#2 Posted by Big_Denim (847 posts) -

I'll be keeping an eye on this to see if the technical issues get resolved. If/when I pick it up, I'll definitely check in and if you're still playing it I'll shoot you a message!

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#3 Edited by TravisRex (819 posts) -

Steam travisrex

Callsign T-WRECKS

Just got the game though, need some practice.

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#4 Posted by Chummy8 (3880 posts) -

Callsign - Razorgor

Still learning tho, but I'd be willing to try some multiplayer

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#5 Posted by RedPhoenix122 (29 posts) -

Steam is the same name as me, haven't done any character creation yet but this weekend I'm going to take a deep dive into.

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#6 Posted by RedPhoenix122 (29 posts) -

Alright, Callsign RedPhoenix

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#7 Posted by DasaKamov (1171 posts) -

Apologies for not responding in the past few days -- picked up more RAM for the PC (to cut down on load times for Battletech, amongst other things) and couldn't get the machine to boot until I realized that I hate to tweak Memory Timing in the BIOS. Fun!

Anyhow, I've set up a Discord server for general Battle-mech-y stuff and for arranging some MP games, if anyone is so inclined -- once we have a sizable community, I'll see if we can get some friendly tournaments going (so invite your friends!) And I'll add those of you who've responded on Steam to my Friend's list. :)

Discord server for the "House GiantBomb" BT community:

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#8 Posted by Hayt (1698 posts) -

Is there any way to change your battletech online name? I went with a boring one not realising it'd be my MP name.

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#9 Posted by Driadon (3253 posts) -

@hayt: If you're still having issues with this, in the Main Menu, click your callsign in the top right. From the new window, click on the Update Profile button, should be the middle of the three presented. In here you can update your callsign and change your lance colour scheme.

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#10 Posted by Hayt (1698 posts) -

@driadon: I heard they changed it and got in with the name I wanted! Still haven't touched MP yet but I'm ready for when I do haha

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