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To this day, one of the finest games ever made. 1

I love this game.  While it may seem a blatant  cash grab from the TMNT craze from the early 90's is in fact one of best games I have ever played. Battletoads has it all: great character designs, colorful detailed graphics, an amazing soundtrack, good sense of humor, wide variety of animations and gameplay mechanics, and perfect controls. Oh yeah, and the game was hard as HELL.Which was a true testament to how great everything was. You have to see what comes next. What starts as a straightforwar...

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Mini Review: Perfection or death 0

Balancing the difficulty of a video game has always been a hard thing to do. NES games from this era have always been tough but this is a game that expects perfection. Every vehicle section requires the player to learn every move they need to do and apply it without any mistakes. Keeping up with what they expect me to do isn't something that seems fun to me. The sidescrolling beat em up parts are a breath of fresh air compared to the rest of it. Other than the rat race level none of them are ov...

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Teenage Mutant Fist-Fight Froggies 0

One of the hardest games ever made? Most definitely. One of the most satisfying beat-em ups? Absotively posilutely. I don't know why this series never made it past 3 game sin the classic era. I'm sure now, if somebody were to come along and try to remake it, they'd mess it all up with today's obsession with "dark, gritty badassery"; the toads would all be grey, they'd be packing Uzi's, and every character would be voiced by either Jason Statham, or someone who sounds remarkably like Jason Statha...

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