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    Long special made dagger for use on the end of assault weapons or rifles in case of shift from ranged combat to CQC.

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    A Bayonet is a sharp, pointed, and knife-like weapon that is attached to the barrel of a gun. This gave the gun a spear-like appearance and is used as a stabbing weapon. It was designed to be used in situations in which a soldier either has ran out of ammo, cannot reload in time, or when the enemy is closing in on him. It is meant to be used in Close Quarter Combat or as a last resort.

    Bayonets History in Wars

    The Bayonet was used heavily throughout the 19 Century as a weapon of choice for CQB. It was used very heavily in wars such as the American Civil War; due to the reloading rate of the rifles during that time was very slow and left a soldier vulnerable to charging enemies. The shape of the bayonet was usually

    19th Century Bayonet
    19th Century Bayonet
    very long almost as long as a shortsword. As time went on 20 Century the soldiers were issued knives to be attached to the hilt of the rifle to be used as Bayonets. The soldier’s use of a knife as a bayonet gives more versatility as the knife can also be used as a cutting tool as well. The bayonet in the 21 Century is still used, but its use has declined in favor of other CQB tactics and other attachments such as Grenade Launchers. Although, some soldiers have the bayonet attached to their assault rifle, but the Bayonet is only used as a last resort.

    Bayonets Use in Video Games

    Bayonets were featured in many First-Person Shooters; its usage however was heavily in shooters based on 19 to 21 Century wars such as the American Civil War and World War II. Popular games such as the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchise have used the bayonet in nearly every rifle in all factions involved in the war(s). In the campaigns and multiplayer games the Bayonet stabs any opponent within range causing them to be instantly killed.
    The Bayonet of Tomorrow!
    The Bayonet of Tomorrow!
    Call of Duty 4 and other modern based games are the exception because instead of the Bayonet it simply uses the Knife for CQB. However, shooters such as Gears of War franchise have altered the bayonet by replacing the knife in favor of a Chainsaw. Instead of the bayonet being used in a stabbing motion, the Chainsaw Bayonet just simply used to cut the enemy in half leaving a trail of blood and gore. 

    Game Appearances

    A collection of places where the Bayonet appears in different videogames  

    Call of Duty: World at War

    Bayonets are used in World at War by Japanese soldiers during the campaign, and they are unlockable for weapons online. Bayonets increase the attacking range of a melee, but they take as long to use as a regular knife. The Bayonet is one of the least used attachments online, and yet is one of the most used attachments in single player during the Marine campaign. 
    Many of the Japanese soldiers in World at War's campaign use Bayonets, and these soldiers are referred to as 'banzais'. They will 'suicide run' at a target with their rifle's bayonet at the ready. This is not an effective tactic in online multiplayer, or during the campaign. Below is a list of all the weapons that appear in the game which are able to be fitted with bayonets: 
    Strangely, stabbing a player in the head with a bayonet will count as a headshot with the weapon it is attached to. The Springfield has the fastest bayonet attack as well, which arguably makes it the best weapon to use a bayonet on.  

    Battlefield 1943            

    In BF:1943, the bayonet is the melee weapon used by players using the Rifleman kit. When looking at the rifle normally (the two rifles are the M1 Garand and the Japanese Type 05 prototype), there is no bayonet. However, when you use the melee attack, the bayonet appears. In real life this would not work, due to the fact that the bayonet would need to be attached, and it appears much too quickly to have been attached by a soldier.

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