A SF3:3s combat mechanic that can be unlocked in Bayonetta

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I just want to find out if any body who played Bayonetta who is also into SF3: Third Strike noticed this. I just purchased Bayonetta recently over on XBL's Games on Demand service. I'm still in the very early parts of the game but I wanted to point out this particular combat mechanic that could be unlocked by purchasing the Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa accessory. While wearing this, you can repel an attack by pushing towards the direction of the enemy at the instance of being attacked. Sounds familiar?

I was pretty surprised that they added a parry mechanic that is similar to Third Strike in this character action game. Now I'm pretty much saving my halos to get this accessory so I could parry out of any situation...kinda like Evo moment #37 but not as Ken but as a witch clad in her own hair.

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I don't know if I'd draw such a huge comparison to SF3. Parrying is in a few games, and Bayonetta's is different anyway, since the best parry automatically begins a counterattack. But yeah, it's pretty deadly once you master it. I almost always have it in one of the accessory slots.

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With the Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa equip you can parry enemy moves but most importantly you can perform what I call a Flashpoint. If you parry a enemy's attack as soon as it make contact the enemy a longer version of Witch Time engages and you perform a devastating one hit strike. Most lethal weapons you try this with are the Katanna and the Beam Saber. But all the other weapons be used to do it as well. The funniest in my opinion are the shotgun Nun Chucks

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Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa definitely take some practice to use. But its a great aid in blocking a variety of on-set attacks. But depending on what you equip, it actually changes the defense level and how capable you are of defending yourself.

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