Best Ending Ever? (Spoilers possible)

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I was lukewarm about Bayonetta until after I finished the missle on rails sequence.  Loved the gameplay but was ambivalent about the cutscenes, crazy as they may be.  But when that level was completed, the game seemed to escalate steadily into a beautiful crescendo.   Then the game took a brick to my head and beat my expectations into a proverbial pulp.  Even when the credits started to roll the game found ways to surprise me up until the final dance sequence.  For me at least, it was the most memorable and enjoyable ending (and possibly longest depending on your definition of "ending") to a game I can recall.   
I know this is all based on opinion but can anyone else think of an ending that approaches the spectacle of Bayonetta's ending? It's a new number one for me on a very long list. 
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It has an awesome and mind blowing ending, I hope they will make a "spiritual" sequal to it!

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That is the most truthful thing ever said. It was so awesome and ridiculous. And then that still wasn't enough. 
Plus all the dancing. 
The only other game I can think of that had an ending that just didn't seem to end was MGS IV, which is another Japanese super stylish game which is batshit insane
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World of Warcraft. 

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Personally I didn't understand this game or it's ending. The fights were huge spectacles and fun to play but I would not give the game more than 3 stars and only on the amount of times I laughed at crazy stuff I was doing.  
I was trying to think what my idea of a good ending is and just off the top of my head (well, gave a few minutes thought) I came up with Super Metroid, ChronoTrigger, Resident Evil 2, Silent Hill 2. I like when an ending evolves, it's not just another fight but it's like "OK, take that and die...haha...OH CRAP YOU'RE NOT DEAD!!!" kind of stuff. Or in Silent Hills case the whole story comes together and you have an emotional conclusion as the player. I can leave a character knowing something happened and it mattered. 
Bayonetta had an evolving ending in that I thought it was done and then it had like 3 more levels and it was big and flashy but since the story was like something written by a 5 year old atheist on LSD I can't call it an awesome ending. It was just the illogical conclusion to that game. Mediocre in my opinion. 
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@MildMolasses said:
which is another Japanese super stylish game which is batshit insane "
Lol, that's funny, that's the exact phrase I used to describe this game in the title of my review :P
I agree the ending was pretty awesome, though I thought the way you actually fight the last boss (not counting the stuff with the sun) could have felt a bit more epic, wasn't the most exciting of the boss fights in the game.
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A little update for life after beating the game for the first time.  I'm going through it again on hard and this time I'm actually understanding the story and getting into it.  Everything I thought was nonsense the first time actually makes sense in a Bayonetta universe way.   Things that I assumed were arbitrary asides in the first playthrough stand out as being relevant when I see it a second time.  That isn't to say that the story is a masterpiece or anything, it's just exciting to experience a game story that actually gets better the more times you go through the game.  Maybe I just haven't been playing the right games, but Bayonetta is the first game I've played that approaches story from this angle.  Never played a Metal Gear game, but from listening to people discuss it, it seems to have a similar approach to story.  Or is Metal Gear just nonsense? 
I wish more developers would approach game stories in this way.  It's just one of Bayonetta's many hooks that make me want to play through the game multiple times.
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big bang bonus, bitch

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I've never seen a game that refuses to end.  In order:

  1. Boss fight  
  2. Boss fight conclusion
  3. Short credits   
  4. Cut scene
  5. Another fight  sequence
  6. Possibly the most useless cut scene in the game
  7. Credits
  8. Playable credits part!
  9. Credits continue
  10. Playable credits part!
  11. 4 minute dance cutscene
  12. Achievements
  13. Score summary
  14. Unlocks
  15. Back to title screen
EDIT: This game graced us with the term "Infiniton", so it gets an extra star. 3/5 for me.

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