OK, I'm having a bit of a Heart Piece problem.

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I have found every Treasure Chest and have completed every Alfheim, yet I still am missing one heart peice. I don't get how I can be missing only one piece, yet have all the chests and Alfheim. I do have the two peices from the Chapter 14 beginning where you have to finish the hijacking angels with a Torture, and I remember getting the ones on the Highway 666 chapter. Does anyone have any idea where there are just random heart peices floating around? The only two others I can think of is the one before the bridge near the church where you first meet Cereza and the one under the balcony thing in Vigrid near where you first meet Luka. I found all of these.

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Did you buy all the ones in the store?

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Wow OK the game must have glitched out, I went to the dashboard then started the game back up about 20 min later and I now have full health, two full bars... lol

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There's a heart piece in the area where you fight the three floating gunships.  I think the chapter is called something to do with Rememberance.  Once you kill the three ships, jump onto the platform directly behind them.  Once on the platoform, face in the direction the ships were facing and you will see another floating platform with a chest on it.  You should be able to panther run > double jump > bird your way over there.  I only found this piece in nonstop climax so I'm not sure if it applies to other difficulties, but it's definetly easy to miss. 

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