Play it on Xbox One, or on the Wii U?

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Poll: Play it on Xbox One, or on the Wii U? (63 votes)

Xbox One by backwards compatible. 46%
On the Wii U. 54%

I have both versions (since Bayonetta 2 on the Wii U comes with it), but I wasn't interested enough to go through either as I was a lot more into these types of games in the past, but more recently (as in earlier last year, to now) I've been getting a little more interested in them. My brother bought the first game on 360 digitally, and he enjoyed it enough to get Bayonetta on the Wii U, so I'm curious, would you rather play Bayonetta on Xbox One through the backwards compatibility, which now runs the best overall out of all of the versions I hear, or the Wii U version which is still totally fine, and would be more consistent an experience going from the first to the second since I'd be using the same controller? I'm not sure which one to play.

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#1 Posted by MindBullet (698 posts) -

The Wii U version lets you dress up as Princess Peach and instead of summoning hair demons you get to smash angels with Bowser fists.

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Just pick the one w/ the controller you like more. If you see yourself messing w/ it or playing it more than once after you beat it, than maybe Wii U version is your choice. Either way, one of my favs from last gen. Hurry up and play it.

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The original Bayonetta was one of the few games on the 360 where I got all the achievements so i'm a bit biased towards that. (and fuck fighting Rodin again) But my biggest problem with the Wii U version is it displays both controllers (Pro and Gamepad) during QTEs which is way more annoying than you'd think.

The Nintendo stuff is a nice novelty but personally I prefer the Xbox One controller to the Wii U Pro so that's another reason I'd rather play it on XBO.

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pick the console that has the most dust from non-use :) You need to share the love. (or borrow a PC for the best perf. It doesn't look like the wii or the xbox can keep 60fps.)

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#5 Posted by blindsides (6 posts) -

Performance-wise they both basically play the same. But on the Wii U you get to dress up like Peach, Link, and Samus Aran.

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I'd just like to chime in and say that I've been playing the backwards compatible 360 version for the last couple of weeks and it holds up rather well. The graphics certainly seemed dated at first, especially after jumping into it after playing a whole bunch of modern PC games, but frame-rate seems solid enough and the load times aren't bad.

I'm more than half way through now and have been enjoying it a lot. Hopefully I'll have some more time to play this weekend and finish the damn thing, before jumping in to the Switch version of Bayonetta 2.

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#7 Posted by nutter (1751 posts) -

I’ve played both and they’re both fine. I do wonder how it plays on Xbox One X....

Wasn’t the PC port supposed to be solid, too?

For the record, despite being an NES kid, I’m not super attached to Nintendo characters and thought the costumes were kinda dumb.

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#8 Posted by RetroMetal (870 posts) -


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#9 Posted by mortonan (60 posts) -

The Link/Samus costumes in the Wii U and Switch versions make it way more palatable to play with a wife/girlfriend in the room.

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Xbone should perform significantly better than the Wii U version. They remap a lot of the controls on the shoulders/triggers between Bayo 1 and Bayo 2 so I wouldn't worry about having a "consistent" feeling between the two because it's going to be inconsistent either way.

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Which ever runs best

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