Should I buy this?

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I've been wondering about getting Bayonetta for a long time now, and the whole GOTY talk on bombcast really got me wondering if I should buy it. The only thing keeping me from getting it though is the fact that I heard the framerate can get really choppy on the PS3 version (I don't own an xbox). Has any of you guys here played the PS3 version? Is it still worth getting, or does the choppy framerate make the game unplayable?

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I didn't care for it, so no. 
imo ofcourse. 
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 or does the choppy framerate make the game unplayable?    

Sony launched a patch for the game, so the framerate problems have been mostly dealt with.
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You can patch the PS3 version nowadays to help with that framerate issue.  As far as I'm concerned it's the best game released last year, and I can't recommend it highly enough.  I've replayed it at least seven or eight times, not counting the random jumping around through missions I've done.  The only game in the "Character Action" genre, as the GB crew refer to it, that is worth putting countless hours into.  Unlockables left and right, secret bosses, secret playable characters, it's totally goddamn awesome.
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Thanks for the help, everyone. Glad to hear that the framerate issues have been dealt with. Gonna propably be picking it soon.

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The game was unplayable during what was essentially a boss rush stage because there were so many enemies on screen (on the PS3 version) that framerate went down to like 10 fps.  If you had a 360, then I would most definitely recommend buying it for that system.  Otherwise, very, very against it. 
Edit: The PS3 was a 60GB launch model and I indeed was playing it with the patch.

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@rjayb89: That's unfortunate to hear, since I also have the 60 gb launch PS3. 
Oh, well :(
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@imsh_pl: buy an Xbox then buy it. jk (but still do it)
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The game is still absolutely amazing.  The insanity of it all and part of what makes it so great is the combat and its fluidity, but only on that chapter did things go horribly wrong for me.  Just that one chapter!  I had to drop it down to Easy to get past that particular part of the game.  Everything else is totally fine.  If you played Enslaved: Odyssy to the West, I'd say the framerate is on-par with that game (I also played that game on the PS3) and that's not saying much since it was inconsistent in that game as well, albeit sporadically rather than some insane drop that Bayonetta has.

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well, if you do, im pretty sure it's still 15$ on amazon brand new. 
it was on sale for $10 at some point, thats when i got it

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I don't know about the PS3 version, but I love the game.

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Just started playing it and it was fun at first and then I started dying. I think it's just not for me or maybe I put it on very easy or something. Basically I don't have any idea what is going on and then I die. I try to dodge something that resembles an enemy attack but I can't really be sure and I die again. I sucked at GoW3 and I suck at this. I just want the crazy but the actual playing I can't do.

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The 360 version is by far the generation's best 3D beat 'em up.

The PS3 version... well, I didn't play much of it, but what little I did play was catastrophic. Bayonetta is a game where you have to react fast and keep track of a lot at any given time, and the poor framerate made that borderline impossible. That was before the patch though -- I don't know what it's like now.

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I haven't played the PS3 version, but the game is fantastic, after finishing it a week ago, I think it was my favorite game of 2010 after all.

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The PS3 version got patched, it works fine now. It's a hell of a game. Over the top madness.

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I thought the load times were patched, but they didn't do anything about the frame rate.
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@SpaceInsomniac said:
" @dudeglove:   I thought the load times were patched, but they didn't do anything about the frame rate. "
The load times certainly have, yes. I can't speak for the frame rate, really, don't notice that kind of stuff much O_o. It never felt clunky in my experience, and I played the damn thing to death (seriously, all difficulties - my gawd the final boss/level is horrendous without witch time).

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