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Bayonetta is crazy. And fun. Maybe even crazy-fun.


  • Bayonetta is a fun character to watch, whether you're playing her in game or watching her in one of the games many over the top cinematics.
  • Motorcycle, Rocket Riding sections and more do a good job of adding variety to the game.
  • Not that the game's fun, hyper kinetic combat system isn't fun enough on it's own.
  • Great soundtrack.


  • Camera sometimes doesn't keep up with the action.
  • Story wasn't especially engaging. I probably would've skipped cutscenes if they weren't generally fun to watch.

I bought Bayonetta when it first came out but stopped playing it apparently around half-way through to play something else, probably Mass Effect 2 and hadn't gone back to it until recently.
I'm glad I can say I finished this game, it's just great fun.

I won't try to explain the story because I'm not sure I would've followed it to well even if I didn't take a 6 month break from it. 
But it serves it's purpose in moving Bayonetta along and giving her more foes to fight.

Fighting is a lot like a Devil May Cry game in that it's flashy and super fast paced, sometimes to the point where it seems like the camera isn't keeping up with can be a bit bothersome in areas.
In combat you'll have a decent variety of weapons and combos to employ. 
I played in "automatic" mode which makes pulling off some of the flashier attacks easier then it would've been normally I guess.

I had a difficult enough time playing Bayonetta without worrying about trying to pull off attacks correctly. 
I'm not too great at these kind of games, but I was able to finish Bayonetta - just not as fast or as good as the game would've liked.

Like Devil May Cry you're ranked at the end of a chapter and here you get ranked from stone, being the lowest - to pure platinum being the highest. Practically every chapter I got stone.
I got a couple of silvers, a gold and a bronze somewhere. But it was mostly stone.

Graphically the game is pretty stunning.
I like a lot of the enviroments, the ones that consist mostly of debris and rock flying through space. There are a lot of dizzying Super Mario Galaxy- esque moments

Bayonetta herself looks Fine. With a captial F even. See. It's right there. Capital F.
Sure she's uh, hyper sexualized? But I personally don't see that as a bad thing.
I don't want to touch on it too much, I'm sure it's been done to death.
But Bayonetta, the game itself, is a bit of dumb fun and a bit of T&A fits in with that.
And yeah, I'm a sad geek who is kinda into that kinda thing.
So perhaps my perspective doesn't mean much on that.

Nothing more to add really.
The game is fun. It doesn't take itself seriously and neither should you.
Devil May Cry 4 didn't tickle me as much as previous entries in the series did, but if you're after something in that vein Bayonetta's got you covered.

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