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Nothing special

End of 2010 is closing and Bayonetta keeps on popping up on various top 10 games of the year list. My Bayonetta copy has been sitting on the shelf for months and seeing how few actual 2010 titles my own list has wanted to see what the hassle with this game was about.

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Bayonetta can be categorized as a third person action game. It has number of different gameplay mechanism. Such as shooting, brawling and some aspects of platforming. As well as few minor puzzles and driving sequences. When viewing a video of the game or the cover it is quite apparent that lot of focus is used on the lead character. Her bizarre abilities are explained in her being a witch. The story starts in the traditional amnesiac way where she has been buried for a good while. The crazy plot doesn't make lot of sense, even after finishing it. Basically it revolves around the witch Bayonetta and some ancient mystical eyes. As well a love interest and adolescent are added to make this even more complex. In short story here is crazy. Majority of time player has no idea what is going on.

Game has clear distinguished art style. Major focus is used on Bayonetta looks and constant closed up shots of her body which is either half naked or covered in a revealing catsuit. Must be getting old since this in some ways off putting. Good deal of a sexual remarks are thrown which. Realizing how that makes me sound.

Majority of the game is done in different battles. And not forget big boss battles. These are usually way over the top monster who are often 10 times or so larger than the protagonist her self. She is armed with huge range of different combos. Which revolve around her using the quadruble pistols. One for each hand and heel. The move list itself will leave a lesser fighting game to its shame with the vast selection. New moves and weapons can be further purchased. The fighting mostly revolves around crazy button mashing. Same time giving room for elaborate combos that require more timing. The battle mechanism worked mostly well for me. On few occasions the battles did tend to drag on and on. Especially when not managing to catch the QTE at first time. Yes, game has quite a few QTE which are mandatory for the action to resume in multiple places.

Where the fighting action was smooth bizarre dance like game the rest of the games movement is not as polished or pretty. Biggest problem comes with the camera. This follows Bayonetta loosely and can be moved if necessary. Problem is that the movement is very slow and way too often her movement rotates vertically/horizontally. Making the camera following very hard. Other minor quarrel comes in form of the driving sequences. The one level that lends from Space Harrier is cool and the motorcycle/rocket levels are cool for the first 30 sec these all tend to go on for way too long

Graphically very impressive. Ms Bayonetta and the world looks really great. The bizarre word of Vigrid is a stunning place. Huge contrast between the Paradisio and the Inferno as well as the world in between Purgatorio all are beautiful in their own way. Damage enemies are taking is visible and detailed. Huge boss fight are impressive looking and equally bizarre. Bayonetta who naturally gets a lot of screen-time is so well done that it is amazing to think that she is not based on a real life model. Had it not a certain dance routine in the end that is.

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For a such a stylish game a fair share of original music is been created here. And it is mostly interesting. Some classic themes from old Sega games have been borrowed. The main theme is a jpop track that is played awfully lot. This sounding like its taken from an Outrun game. Voice acting, in English, was decent. Original language of course being Japanese makes the lip synchronising not match. Also the cut-scenes which were displayed in artistic old style film mode don't have any lip movement. Bayonetta's English sounds very British despite her being referred to be Japanese.

I must be getting old for not liking this since every other reviewer seems to be praising this to high heavens (literally). Awkward camera and annoying QTE more or less ruined the experience for me. I understand that game is very stylish and cool, but using sex such a cheap way does not make this more interesting, not matter how bizarre the rest of the game is. Which it certainly is.   

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