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An awesome beat 'em up game.

Bayonetta is a beat 'em up game that was just released this January. You primarily play as a witch named Bayonetta, who actually doesn't look like or act like a stereotypical witch. You can also use her rival, Jeanne, after doing certain requirements in the game.

Bayonetta has a lot of stylish moves to offer. You can also even buy new moves from the halos you collect. The ranges from punch attack, kick attacks, sword attacks and whip attacks. You can switch between attack types through the pause menu. If you're punching or kicking, you can hold the button and as you hold it down, Bayonetta will shoot a gun from her hands or her feet. It's good for racking up some extra damage. Another interesting thing when punching or kicking is that part of Bayonetta's clothes rips off and forms some kind of monster and it looks pretty cool. Bayonetta will also do this when finishing off bosses. There's a move called Which Time, where if you use it at the last second before the enemy attacks, the time slows everything, except Bayonetta, down. It's really useful for the hard difficulty setting. There's a meter under Bayonetta's health bar and if it gets high enough, you'll be able to perform something called a Torture Attack on the enemy and will either kill them or take a good portion of their health away, depending on the enemy and how much health they have left. The meter raises overtime as you defeat more and more enemies, but goes down when they hit you. Torture Attacks include throwing an enemy into a spiked wall, hanging them and chopping them with a chainsaw. You can even use the chainsaw a little bit on other enemies after using the chainsaw Torture Attack, which is pretty nice. With all the moves this game offers, it barely feels repetitive like some games like this may feel at times.

There's also items to buy to heal yourself or temporarily make yourself more powerful and stuff that's useful for harder difficulty levels as well. You can even buy new moves, which can be useful in harder difficulty levels and makes the game feel even less repetitive. The currency is the halos (which looks like the rings from the Sonic the Hedgehog games) you earn from defeating enemies and breaking random objects around the levels. Some items need quite a lot of halos to buy, so be sure to check for some random breakable objects around the levels and collect as many halos as possible to buy them.

After beating the game, there's other difficulty levels to beat as well. Doing so will unlock more difficulty levels, such as Non-Stop Infinite Climax. It's really hard, so you need to dodge a lot and bring as many health items and stuff as possible. It proves a challenge to those who get really good at the other difficulty levels. Just keep in mind that you can't use Witch Time in that mode. There's also unlockable items.

There's not much bad I can say about this game. The PS3 version does have longer loading times in comparison to the Xbox 360 version. It even has to load for a few seconds before pausing the game as you press the pause button. But thankfully, there's now a patch that fixes the long load times. The price on some of the buyable items are a little too high, but at least that adds replay value. So yeah, there's barely anything bad I can say about this game.

Overall, Bayonetta is just an awesome game. It's commonly compared to the Devil May Cry series, as the game borrows elements from it and as much as I like the Devil May Cry series (particularly Devil May Cry 3, my favorite game in the series), I have to say that this game is even better. I give this game a rare 10/10. I would love to see this game turn into a franchise. That would most likely happen too.  

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