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  • Level 55 


  • Deadly Poison - 100 HP direct damage, 30 HP per tick DoT 

Related Quests 

  • Bard Test of Brass   
  • Bard Test of Harmony 
  • Cleric Test of the Weak
  • Enchanter Test of Memorization
  • Monk Test of Tranquility 
  • Necromancer Test of Heart
  • Necromancer Test of the Hands  
  • Paladin Test of Love 
  • Ranger Test of Ranged Attack
  • Ranger Test of the Blade  
  • Shaman Test of the Witch Doctor
  • Wizard Test of Visualization 


  • Adamantium Bands 
  • Aged Nectar 
  • Belt of Concordance 
  • Belt of Iniquity 
  • Belt of Transience 
  • Bitter Honey 
  • Bracelet of Quiescence 
  • Ethereal Topaz 
  • Ganoric Poison 
  • Manna Nectar 
  • Pulsating Ruby 
  • Pulsating Sapphire 
  • Rune of Impulse 
  • Symbol of Marr 
  • Thickened Nectar 
  • Treant Tear    

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