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    B.B. Hood

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    Baby Bonnie Hood, also known as Bulleta in Japan, is a character from the Darkstalkers series of fighting games. Although she has an innocent appearance, B.B. Hood is a murderous psychopath. She has appeared in Capcom's cross over, Marvel vs. Capcom as well as the multi-direction shooter Cannon Spike (Gunspike in Japan) and the online game Onimusha Soul.

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    • Aliases: Bulleta, Baby Bonnie Hood
    • Birthdate: Unknown
    • Birth place: Northern Europe
    • Race: Human
    • Height: 4'8" (142 cm)
    • Weight: 82 lbs (27 kg)

    B.B.Hood is a human girl who is also a dark hunter, killing creatures that spill over from Makai (also known as the Demon World) for money. Many clients request these creatures for science, bio-weaponry and sometimes just to see or use as decoration. Darkhunting is a high paying job and a dark hunter must always keep on top of their game.

    B.B.Hood is referred to as a special "S-Class" hunter and her heart was considered dark enough for Jedah to bring to his dimension, Majigen.

    B.B.Hood is followed by her dog, Harry. Harry cowers when B.B.Hood shoots her rockets and howls when she wins or sings at the end of the round. During B.B.Hood's Cool Hunting attack two men appear, a soldier and a hunter who aid her. They are commonly known as Jon and Aurthur or Smith and Wesson.


    B.B.Hood is known to carry an array of weapons in her basket which and often times will use her basket as a weapon itself. Some of the weapons in her arsenal are:

    • An Uzi
    • A bottle that when opens blasts out flames
    • Grenades and mines of sorts including an apple bomb
    • Combat Knives
    • A mini rocket launcher that shoots out from her basket
    • According to Darkstalkers canon, she uses a hidden satellite named Catastrophe to collect information on Darkstalkers.
    • On occasion B.B.Hood will use a rock to bludgeon her opponent to death. This can be seen in her attack Beautiful Memory.

    Other Appearances

    B.B.Hood is a playable character in the Capcom fighting cross over, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2. She appears along side other Darkstalker characters, Felicia, Morrigan and Anakaris. Like most characters, B.B.Hood retains most of her attacks only these attacks are slightly exaggerated to fit the game's over the top style. She also makes a playable appearance in the action shooter, Cannon Spike which was created by Psikyo. Cannon Spike's lead character is Cammy but the game also features other Capcom characters.

    She also makes an appearance in Pocket Fighter on the Dhalsim's Toy Shop stage with Jon Talbain. She also appears Underworld stage in Capcom Fighting Evolution. B.B.Hood's portrait also appears on a wanted poster in the Sentinel stage of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.


    Darkstalkers 3 Win Quotes
    She hates poverty!
    She hates poverty!
    • Hi there, do you know any good news I can make money with?
    • I hate poverty. That's why I have to do this. I'm not bad!
    • I have a dream. Nope, I'm not gonna tell you.
    • I'm just a girl in this world!"
    • I'll feel great after I kill everything in this world.
    • I'm usually quite nice, but sometimes I lose my temper!
    • I've lost my way. Seriously!
    • Live or die? What shall I do with you? Hmmm...
    • Mess with me again, I'll riddle you with bullets.
    • No! Please Don't come any closer! I'll kill you!
    • Oh no, I've wasted my time on the way. I'm going to be late
    • Sorry about that, but I have to earn a living!
    • These unworthy customers piss me off!
    • Wanna play with an innocent girl like me? You bad boy!
    • Would you do me a favor? Hand over all your money!
    • You sleepy baby. Do you need a wake up shot?? Ha! Ha!

    Endings and Special Confrontations

    Jon's Darkstalkers 3 Special Boss Confrontation

    Jon Talbain's special boss fight is against B.B.Hood. During this confrontation B.B.Hood is the only one who talks.
    B.B.Hood: Hello, Wolvie! You look so cute.
    B.B.Hood: My, what a big mouth you have? I wonder why?
    B.B.Hood: Let me see.. all the better to hold my explosives in!
    B.B.Hood: I think it's about time to make me a new rug!

    Darkstalkers 3 Special Confrontation

    B.B.Hood's special confrontation is against Jon Talbain. To achieve the special confrontation you must defeat 3 opponents without losing a round as well as finishing those rounds with any EX move.
    Jon: I thought you were just a kid but... your eyes...
    Jon: Shows you have the beast blood in you... I can't be deceived!
    Jon: Now come on!! I wont die by your hand!

    Darkstalkers 3 Boss Confrontation

    B.B.Hood's final confrontation is against Lord Raptor.

    Lord Raptor: Weeeelcome! I'm Lord Raptor, the king of hell!
    Lord Raptor:The savior of the demon world seems to have died!
    Lord Raptor: That means I'm the strongest around now!
    Lord Raptor: Congratulate me! And give me your dark soul!!


    • B.B.Hood is based off Little Red Riding Hood.
    • The measurements for her bust, waist and hips are 27" (70 cm), 23" (58 cm) and 30" (75 cm).
    • It was stated that during B.B.Hood's creation she was inspired by the dark side of humanity. She is driven by madness and money.
    • The man who is seen paying B.B.Hood in one of her win poses is simply named Mr. K.
    • B.B.Hood's dog is named Harry. Harry appears to not be fond of loud noises such as rockets and guns being fired.
    • It was stated that during the events of Darkstalkers 3 that Harry is 2 years old.
    • B.B.Hood is one of 3 characters to have a companion on screen with her at all times during battle. The other two are Huitzil and Donovan.
    • Lord Raptor's companion Le Malta seems to have a crush on B.B.Hood or possibly even her dog.
    • In Darkstalkers 3 she is voiced by Miyuki Matsushita, who also voices Q-bee.

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