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    Beady Long Legs

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    Beady Longs Legs is a recurring boss in the Pikmin Series. It is a massive spider that falls from the sky and prompts a boss battle.

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    Beady Long Legs is a boss from the Pikmin series. He first appeared in Pikmin in the Forest Navel, where he guarded the Guard Satellite.  
    He later appeared in Pikmin 2, first in the Citadel of Spider, where he was the boss at the end. He later appears in the Hole of Heroes as a sub boss. 


    The battle with Beady Long Legs always begins when he falls from the sky. He proceeds to stomp around, attempting to kill Pikmin beneath it's feet. After a while it takes a moment to rest, leaving it's weak point, it's giant orb, open for attack. 
    In Pikmin 2, the battle is much easier. Most likely due to the fact it's much smaller then it's original Pikmin counterpart.

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