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    Beam Sword

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    The beam sword is a melee weapon found in a multitude of games, shows, and movies. Is typically found in sci-fi and fantasy settings.

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    The Beam Sword is a weapon that comes in a myriad of shapes and sizes and even types. Beam Swords are typically swords that are imbued with some sort of energy to enhance damage, piercing capabilities, or even speed. Made vastly popular by both the Lightsabers of Star Wars and the 29 year running "Gundam" anime series as being one of the few melee weapons in the show. It has also been made popular by a number of other entertainment mediums. Some of the more common Beam Sword designs are:

    1. A sword that has some sort of particle energy surrounding it, making it more deadly.

    2. A sword that has had most of its metal blade replaced with high energy particles to make it more lightweight whilst retaining its attacking power.

    3. A pure high energy particle beam with no trace of a metal blade, but closely resembling one.

    The third example is similar to another "Beam weapon" called a "Lightsaber". The main difference between a Lightsaber and a Beam Sword is that a Lightsaber's beam is more of a cylinder; while the Beam Sword sustains the shape of a sword, just with high energy particles instead of metal. Like Lightsabers, Beam Swords also come in many colors, the most common being blue.


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