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Typical Female Beast in PSU.
Typical Female Beast in PSU.
A race genetically engineered for hard labor and mining in a rigorous environment. They excel in physical strength and their specialty is close-quarters combat. Their weakness lies in weapons like guns and TECHNICs, where concentration is necessary. Some beasts have the ability to Nanoblast, and transform into larger beast-forms.

They primarily reside on planet Moatoob in the Gurhal system.

Historical Background

 The Beast was bred for hard labor and mining in the rigorous environment of Moatoob. For a long time, beasts were treated as slaves by humans. Using their physical prowess, beasts eventually escaped human rule and were able to gain an equivalent level of respect from the other races through commerce, taking advantage of the abundant natural resources on Moatoob.

A pleasant characteristic of beasts is their cordiality, however they are very easily excited. This disposition has led many beasts to lawless behavior, such as piracy. They are very mindful of their families and often open up to fellow beasts very easily. On the other hand, due a long period of discrimination, they are often quite cold towards CASTs.

Because there are so many hot-blooded beasts, conflict abounds in cities. As a safety precaution, it is forbidden for beasts to transform within city limits. Offenders are met with harsh punishment.

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