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Beastman is a beast hunter whose true identity is concealed behind the suit of a dinosaur. He decided to become a hunter after a horrible encounter with a giant crocodile in the planet White. Afterwards, he decided he wanted to protect people from all types of dangerous creatures. After dealing with a handful of creatures in his home planet, he became famous for his heroic nature and decided to extend his popularity across the galaxy by joining the F-Zero GP. it has in the circuit where he met Bio Rex, and swore to protect the pilots and fans from the dangerous beast.


The Hyper Speeder is pretty much shaped like a combat plane, and has the speed to match it´s looks. It has an incredible top speed and first class grip, however, it´s acceleration is low and it´s toughness is average. This means that the Speeder is at it´s best in long tracks with few turns, where it´s grip can be used more as a way of retaining control after launching attackls rather than in corners.

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