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Similar in play to Rhythm Heaven/Tengoku, Beat City uses a loose narrative structure to take players from one rhythm-based mini game to another while holding the DS sideways like a book. Three simple gestures -- tap, tap & swipe, tap & hold -- are all that players need in order to play. Each round is bookended by a comic book style cutscene and very little text is used to both explain the gameplay or its story. 


The evil Cacophony hits Earth one day and puts all the music of the world on Mute. Life and love crumble under the oppressive weight of silence as the color and happiness fade from the world. Until one day a strange purple alien crashlands and realizes something isn't right. Finding the last human holding out against the oppression, he tosses a giant speaker into his head and the two set out to save the world. 


Beat Revolution is where the 20 mini games are unlocked as the story unfolds. Mini Games mode lets players revisit any currently unlocked games and challenge three difficulty settings. Tutorial replays the brief explanation of how the game is played.

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