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    beatmania IIDX is the second beatmania franchise, that added 2 more keys to the original 5 key beatmania.

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    Beatmania IIDX, sometimes referred to as IIDX, is a series of rhythm action games produced by Konami. Designed as a follow up to the successful Beatmania franchise, the series builds upon the foundation created and adds in numerous additions to gameplay and content. IIDX game are initially released as Arcade games (Often referred to as AC releases), but since IIDX 3rd Style, have also been released on the Playstation 2 (Known as a CS release).


    IIDX is played using seven keys, arranged in a keyboard-like fashion, with four lower white keys and three higher black keys, and a turntable that can be rotated clockwise or counter clockwise. In a similar fashion to the original Beatmania series, coloured lines, also known as notes, descend to the bottom of the screen and have to be pressed as they pass by a target area. Notes are arranged in specific patterns according to the song being played. Depending on how accurately the player hits the correct button, they are given a judgment level for each note and the corresponding number of points. By hitting a note on time, a small part of the song is played. Hitting multiple notes combines the key sounds together to form the whole song. The turntable is used in a similar fashion to the buttons, with a larger red line being used to indicate when the player needs to move the turntable. For fast sections of 'scratching', the player needs to move the turntable in one direction and then the other in order to sucessfully hit the notes.

    In standard play, Beatmania IIDX judges whether or not a player passes based on the percentage of their groove gauge that is left. As each song is played, any missed notes deduct a portion of the players groove gauge, whilst hitting sucessive notes on time increases the gauge back again. The player has to finish a song with the groove gauge at over 80% to pass, but the gauge can empty completely in standard play without causing a game over to occur. A game over will only occur during standard play in the Arcade releases, where a series of successive misses will cause the game to automatically stop, or when the gauge reaches 0% with the hard modifier on or in Dan mode.

    Different modes and modifiers can be used to change how the game plays:
    • Standard/Arcade: The player can freely choose unlocked songs to play on varying difficulty levels, and after three songs (Potentially more if the player scores well), an overall judgement of how well the player has performed is given and the game ends.
    • Expert: The player is given a choice of several set lists of songs to play, called courses; songs are played one after the other on a difficulty of the players choice, and they are given a full groove gauge at the start of the first song. As the player misses notes, the groove gauge becomes emptier, and if it reaches 0%, the player loses the course. This is very similar to the Hard modifier that can be used on any song in Standard mode. Refilling the groove gauge is a lot harder than normal in Expert mode.
    • Class/Dan: The player is again given another list of preset songs to play one after the other, except unlike Expert mode, they cannot choose the difficulty to play the songs on. Class play orders the set lists of songs in order of difficulty. Acting as tests of a players skill, a player can see what the highest class they are able to pass is, and can then use that to compare their abilities to other players.
    • Free Mode: In Arcade versions of IIDX, Free mode allows the player to choose what songs they want to play, but does not fail the player at the end of the song regardless of how well they do. The player, however, has one less song per turn because of this. On home versions, Free mode just allows the user to play as many songs as they want.

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